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Saeid Rezaie transferred back to prison from hospital despite needing aftercare

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Saeid Rezaie, one of seven imprisoned Baha’i leaders was hospitalized 2 weeks ago due to his gastrointestinal disorder, and was transferred back to Rajai Shahr prison on August 7th.

According to CHRR, after Mr. Rezaie underwent an array of tests in the medical facility, the physicians realized that he is also inflicted with heart issues with blockage in over 70% of his coronary artery. He underwent emergency heart surgery and the physicians ordered one month of after care in a quite and suitable location. Ignoring the doctor’s orders for post-op care, officials transferred Saeid Rezaie back to Rajai Shahr prison on August 7th.

Saeid Rezaie is an agricultural engineer, scholar and author who is one of the seven Baha’i leaders who were detained in 2008 and handed 20-year prison sentences stemming from the practice of their faith. The seven formed the now disbanded group, Yaran (friends of Iran), which served the country’s Baha’i community. They were arrested in early raids at their homes in 2008 and transferred to Evin prison where they were kept in solitary confinement for months while undergoing harsh interrogations. Saeid Rezaie had spent almost 5 years behind bars without being granted furlough before his recent transfer to the hospital. He is now back in Rajai Shahr prison post surgery despite his need for the recommended after care.


انتقال مجدد سعید رضایی از بیمارستان به زندان با وجود نیاز به مراقبتهای ویژه


Saeid Rezaie

Leva Khanjani granted prison furlough

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Jailed Baha’i citizen Leva Khanjani was granted temporary release from Evin prison on Wednesday July 11.

According to CHRR, Leva Khanjani, Bahah’i student banned from her education and sentenced to 2 years in prison, was finally granted furlough from Evin prison.

Leva Khanjani’s brother Foad is serving his 4-year prison sentence behind bars in Rajai Shahr prison. Leva Khanjani’s father, Alaeddin Khanjani was arrested by security forces on February 10, 2010 and was released on bail on March 16, 2010.

Leva’s grandfather Jamaleddin Khanjani is one of 7 jailed Baha’i leaders, and is spending his 20-year prison sentence behind bars in Rajai Shahr prison. All seven Baha’i leaders were sentenced to 20 years in prison after their May 2008 arrest during early morning raids on their homes. Jamaleddin Khanjani has spent months behind bars without furlough and was not even allowed to attend the funeral services of his wife.


Leva Khanjani granted prison furlough

لوا خانجانی به مرخصی آمد


Leva Khanjani

Arrest of 2 Baha’i citizens in Semnan

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – On February 12, 2013, Ardeshir Fanaeyan and Shidrokh Firouzian, Baha’i citizens living in the city of Semnan were detained. Intelligence agents raided the residences of the 2 Baha’i citizens, conducted a search, confiscated personal items, and transferred them to the Semnan Intelligence Ministry headquarters.

During the past years, pressures against citizens following the Baha’i faith have intensified. Baha’i citizens are routinely subjected to arbitrary detention and heavy judicial sentences, school children are harassed, the private sector is pressured to dismiss Baha’is, their shops or workplaces and bank accounts are closed down, their assets are seized, and their business licenses are denied or suddenly revoked. They have been subjected to other forms of harassment such as arson, destruction of property, bulldozing their gravesites, destruction of dams and cutting off water supplies to agricultural properties resulting in dried fields and gardens.

CHRR   Arrest of 2 Baha’i citizens in Semnan

Shidrokh Firouzian & Ardeshir Fanaeyan

Extensive efforts to make television documentary about the imprisoned Baha’i citizens in Semnan

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – In the past weeks Semnan security agents have made efforts to make a documentary about Baha’i prisoners. The agents showed up at the prison courtyard and claiming to be with Press TV, they asked the prisoners to conduct interviews. The Baha’i prisoners refused to speak on camera and that afternoon they were transferred to the courtyard again with demands that they grant individual interviews, which they again refused. The camera crew then went to the visiting area of the prison facility in order to film and attempt interviews with family members.

According to news obtained by CHRR, the camera crew asked one Baha’i prisoner about abuse while pointing out that there were no signs of torture on his face. In the past days the camera crew from the Ministry of Intelligence visited the work places of Baha’i citizens and asked to take video and conduct interviews while claiming to be with the Interior Ministry investigating issues the citizens might have.

Other sources have reported that 4 of the prisoners were transferred to the place of worship at the prison facility in order to conduct interviews. First the interviewers introduced themselves as members of the judiciary, and later they claimed to be with the news network of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Taher Eskandarian, Afrasiab Sobhani, Akbar Pourhosseini, Arfan Ehsani, Edalat Firouzian, Goudarz Beydaghi, Nader Kasai, Jinous Nourani, Rofia Beydaghi, Anisa Fanaiyan, Taraneh Tarabi and Zohreh Nikayin are among Baha’i prisoners who were detained in the past year. The 5 and 11-month-old babies of the last 2 women mentioned are in Semnan prison with their mothers. Others transferred earlier to Semnan prison are Bahfar Khanjani, Afshin Ighani and Siyamak Ighani.

During the past few months, security agents have subjected Baha’i citizens and prisoners to unprecedented heavier pressures. The mistreatments include multiple arbitrary arrests, heavy judicial sentences, denial of basic rights and additional taunting of the followers of the Baha’i faith incarcerated in Semnan prison.

According to reliable information received by CHRR, the heightened pressure and harassment is directly linked to members of the Semnan Security Council, presently consisting of Mr. Rahi, the Governor of Semnan, the Governor of the city; Mr. Shahcheraghi, the Friday Imam; Mr. Siavash Pour, the Chief Minister of Justice; Mr. Heydar Asyabi, the Attorney General, and Colonel Soleimani the Chief of Police of the province who hold regular meetings at the offices of the Semnan Ministry of Justice.

Baha’i citizens have been deprived of their basic rights and subjected to various forms of abuse during the past years including closure of bank accounts, shops and workshops, revoking business and drivers licenses, setting fire to residences and shops in 2009, breaking the glass of automobiles, destroying property and residences by attacking with wood and stone, bulldozing gravesites and setting fire to places of worship, destruction of dams and cutting off water supplies to agricultural properties resulting in dried fields and gardens.

In a recent incident on November 29th 2012, for the second time agents visited the shop of Akbar Pourhosseini, a Baha’i citizen and using the excuse that he was not in possession of a Green Card they confiscated nearly two hundred million tomans worth of assets. This is despite the fact that a Green Card is to be provided by the importer of the goods not the seller. The shop owner Akbar Pourhosseini had been detained earlier and after spending time behind bars, he was sentenced to 2 years and 3 months in prison and he now awaits the ruling of the appellate court.

Extensive efforts to make television documentary about the imprisoned Baha’i citizens in Semnan

Semnan Prison

3 Baha’i citizens arrested in the city of Sari

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Three Baha’i citizens by the names of Behzad Zabihi, Anvar Moslemi and Ashkan Zamani were detained on December 12th in the city of Sari.

Security agents raided the residence and work places of these 3 Baha’i citizens and conducted a search and seizure, confiscating items such as books and CD’s. The 3 citizens were transferred to the Ministry of Intelligence.

Behzad Zabiji had previously been arrested in March 2011 and was later released on bail. Anvar Moslemi had previously been arrested twice, on December 2008 and June 2009, and was sentenced to one-year in prison. Molsemi was released several months ago after completing his prison term behind bars.

Committee of Human Rights Reporters CHRR 

Behzad Zabihi, Anvar Moslemi, Ashkan Zamani

Half-year report on prisoners of conscience and political prisoners in Semnan prison, and update on several Baha’i citizens of this city

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Semnan prison is a facility that holds numbers of prisoners of conscience and political prisoners. Some of the detainees have been sent to the facility as they serve their sentences in exile, while others have been transferred out.

According to the findings of this report, due to overcrowding and the limited space in this facility, the principle of separating prisoners according to their crime has not been followed and prisoners of conscience are held among criminals.

Two female Baha’i prisoners are behind bars in this facility with their newborns. There is great concern for the well being of the babies due to the unsanitary conditions, poor nutrition and constant danger of conflict with other prisoners.

Below is a report with the sentences of the prisoners of conscience along with amount of time served. Included are updates on several Baha’i citizens who were exiled out of the city of Semnan after serving their sentences.

1 – Siyamak Ighani, Baha’i citizen, has served 2 years of 3-year sentence.

2 – Habibollah Golparipour, Kurdish citizen on death row, transferred to this facility 6 months ago. Prior to his transfer to Simnan, he spent 2.5 years behind bars in Orumiyeh and Mahabad.

3 – Baha’i citizen who has spent 6 months of his 4-year sentence.

4 – Afshin Ighani, Baha’i citizen, has served one year of 4 years and 3 months sentence.

5 – Adel Fatayian, has served 6 months of a 6-year sentence.

6 – Goudarz Beydaghi, Baha’i citizen, has spent 6 months of a one-year sentence.

7 – Behrang Sarkhosh, transferred to Semnan from ward 209 of Evin prison, has served about 2.5 years of 5-years in exile sentence.

8 – Siyamak Yaghouti, transferred to Semnan from ward 209 of Evin prison, has served about 2.5 years of 5-years in exile sentence.

9 – Mehrollah Rigi, arrested at age 17 in Zahedan and on death row. Served 2 years in Zahedan prison and transferred to Semnan 6 months ago.

10 – Faleh Abdollah Almansouri, 70-year-old resident of The Netherlands, has served 7 years of 15-year sentence. There is hope that he will receive a pardon and be granted release due to his deteriorating health and hospitalization.

11 – Rofia Beydaghi, Baha’i citizen, has served 6 months of one-year sentence. The father of this prisoner of conscience, Goudarz Beydaghi is also imprisoned.

12 – Jinous Nourani – Baha’i citizen who has served 6 months of one-year sentence

13 – Zohreh Nik Ayin – Baha’i citizen who was recently transferred to Semnan prison with her newborn to serve her 23-month sentence.

14 – Taraneh Tarabi – Baha’i citizen who was recently transferred to Semnan prison with her newborn to serve 2.5-year prison sentence.

15 – Manijeh Nasrolahi – Baha’i citizen, has served 2 years of 3.5-year sentence and was recently transferred to Evin prison to serve remaining time.

16 – Ali Ehsani, Baha’i citizen, served his 2-year sentence and was forced to leave Semnan due to being banned from residency in the province.

17 – Seyed Ali Reza Nabavi, served his one-year sentence and forced to leave Semnan due to 3-year ban from residing in the province.

18 – Seyed Zahvar Nabavi, served one-year sentence and now exiled to the city of Iranshahr for 3 years.

19 – Sholeh Taef, Baha’i citizen who served her one-year prison sentence in exile at Evin prison and is now banned from living in Semnan for 2 years.


گزارشی از وضعیت زندانیان عقیدتی، سیاسی زندان سمنان و چند شهروند بهایی ساکن این شهر/ نیمه اول سال ۱۳۹۱

Iran prisoner

Navid Khanjani transferred to Rajai Shahr prison to serve a 12-year sentence behind bars

Committee of Human Rights Reporters (CHRR)- Navid Khanjani, human rights activist who was among the citizens arrested in Azerbaijan 2 weeks ago while helping earthquake victims, has been transferred to Rajai Shahr prison. He spent the previous day in Evin prison’s Ward 2-A, which is under the jurisdiction of the IRGC.

Security forces previously detained Navid Khanjani in March 2010 and he spent about 2 months in prison and was released on bail. Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court handed down a 12-year prison sentence, which was later upheld by the appellate court.

Numerous times in the past few months, regime affiliated media outlets published negative articles about Baha’i citizens and warned about their supposed activities, using Khanjani, who practices the Baha’i faith, as an example.

Khanjani was among a group of 35 citizen volunteers who had travelled to the earthquake stricken area of Azerbaijan to help their fellow citizens. The group was violently arrested by security forces 2 weeks ago and transferred to undisclosed locations. Some have since been released on bail but most of the volunteers are still being held behind bars while there is no current news of their condition. Some of the detained citizen volunteers are being held at Evin prison.

Navid Khanjani transferred to Rajai Shahr prison to serve a 12-year sentence behind bars

Navid Khanjani