Salman Khalilpour transferred back to Rajai Shahr Prison

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – After a short release for medical treatment, Salman Khalilpour, leftist political activist and poet, was ordered back to Rajai Shahr Prison.

According to CHRR, Mr. Khalilpour was granted medical furlough on July 15, 2014 to undergo surgery on his right knee. He is now again behind bars in prison.

Salman Khalilpour was placed under severe physical and psychological duress during his interrogations when he was arrested. He was handed a 6-year prison sentence stemming from the charges of “acting against national security,” “insulting the leadership,” and “collaborating with opposition parties.”

Mr. Khalilpour, born in 1983 was detained due to his efforts to aid his brother who had been arrested and released on numerous occasions. In his dealings with government officials on behalf of his brother, Salman Khalilpour was dealt with violent hostility and ended up with injuries inflicted by Security forces during the altercations. After his arrest and a short trial, the injured activist was sent to Amol prison to serve his sentence. At the prison facility, Salman Khalilpour voiced his opposition to political prisoners being held among criminals. The enraged prison guards responded with violence resulting in severe injuries in Khalilpour’s fingers, legs and head before sending him to solitary confinement in Ward 3 of the prison.

The political activist was released after serving his time only to be arrested again during events leading to mass protests after the contested presidential elections of 2009. During the harsh interrogations, he was injured again in the legs, hands, back and waist. As a result of his severe hip and knee injuries, he was immobilized and not being able to walk, was hospitalized in the prison facility before being granted a short medical furlough for surgery.

Soheil Khalilpour, Salman’s older brother born in 1978 was also a leftist activist. He was arrested in 1999 following the student protests that resulted in wide spread arrests, disappearances, violent confrontations and raids in student dormitories. After spending 3 years behind bars in Evin prison he was released and following a short period of silence he again embarked on his political activities resulting in another arrest by Intelligence agents. After spending a few months in Sari prison, he was transferred to Amel prison to serve his sentence. When he was released, Soheil Khalilpour suffered from partial loss of vision, broken ribs, a broken nose, kidney issues, and multiple injures caused by torture and beatings.

Soheil Khalilpour was arrested again in 2009 during the time of mass protests following the disputed presidential election results. He was jailed in Amel prison after being charged with “acting against national security” and “relations with anti-regime groups.” After his release, on January 18, 2013 Soheil Khalilpour was kidnapped from the street and murdered by unidentified perpetrators. His dead body was located in front of Imam Reza Hospital in the city of Amol.


Salman Khalipour

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