Another attack in Ward 350 of Evin prison- destruction and confiscation of personal property of prisoners with intent to incite violence

One day after the transfer of a group of Ward 350 prisoners where only 62 prisoners remain, 60 security guards raided the ward and in the pretext of doing a search, they ransacked the area, confiscated personal property and destroyed the prisoners’ belongings.

According to Kaleme, while there is intense worry for the wellbeing and fate of the political prisoners in Ward 350, the pressure and ill treatment of the prisoners has been escalating on a daily basis. During the past weeks there have been various news of changes taking place in the situation of the prisoners. On Wednesday afternoon a score of security guards accompanied by the Head of the prison, Ali Ashraf Rashidi along with the Deputy Head of the Tehran Prisons Organization and his Executive Vice-President Javad Momeni showed up at Ward 350 of Evin prison in an unprecedented and very threatening manner, and personally took part in the violent search of one of the prison units.

In yesterday’s incident, which had the hallmarks of the bloody prison raid on April 17, per order of the Head Warden the guards while bearing in mind the ensuing protest after the last incident, transferred a number of the prisoners to a different area of Ward 350 and enclosed them in that area.

The reports indicate that the prisoners were kept in the enclosed area for hours where they were threatened and harassed rudely by the prison warden. The political prisoners impeded the violence from escalating and turning into another melee by showing restraint despite the behavior of the guards.

The violent inspection on Wednesday ended with the destruction of belongings and confiscation of various personal items belonging to prisoners of conscience and political prisoners. The prisoners who had been moved to another area were not allowed to go back to their own cells and were forced to stay enclosed in a different area under difficult circumstances with no access to their personal items and belongings.

After the massive search was conducted, the right to get outside air was banned for all the prisoners and they were not allowed to go in the courtyard.

During the raid, the security personnel along with hurling insults told the prisoners that the plan was to dismantle Ward 350 and send prisoners to other wards in the facility. Judging by the aggressive nature of these recent incidents, the type of attacks, violence, destruction of property and threats, it is likely that the Head of the prison along with the Deputy Head have orchestrated a plan of action to create chaos and cause havoc in the facility.


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