Arrest of several activists at a gathering in support of Kobane

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Per reports security forces detained a number of activists who had gathered to advocate their support of Kobane.

According to CHRR on October 12 the group that had gathered in Tehran’s Enghelab Square to protest the grim situation happening in Kobane were immediately arrested.

The group had intended to protest against the atrocities by Islamic State in the Kobane region and express their support for the people. However before the gathering could take shape, most of the participants lost their phone connections and could not be reached.

One of the participants at the gathering was able to make contact and said that most of the people who were at the gathering were arrested.

So far it is not known exactly how many people were arrested and there is no news about their situation or whereabouts. Five of the obtained names are Amin Khosravi, Hossein Azargashb, Sahand Saadati, Hossein Jandaghian and Kamal Mahmoodi.

Before this gathering, a “Kurd, Turk and Fars” leftist group had issued an announcement asking for people to join in a gathering on Sunday at 4pm at Enghelab Square in Tehran, in support of the suppressed people of Kobani. The encounters with security forces took place before the protest could take full shape.

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