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Hossein Ronaghi: Imprisonment is not the answer.


Oh January 19, 2016 Hossein Ronaghi presented himself at the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office per orders of the IRGC Intelligence Unit to be taken back into custody.
Before leaving he posted on his Facebook page:

I believe that the answer to any opinion is never imprisonment.

This is why I am returning to prison:

My not returning will result in confiscation of the collateral set for my bail, which is morally wrong and unprincipled. Seizing the collateral would be legal only if I was not reachable or my whereabouts were unknown in case of need for arrest. Despite the fact that I provided my address to judicial authorities for my arrest at their will, this did not happen and ultimately I was told per orders of the IRGC Intelligence unit I was to return to prison.

Also as my mother says, “This is our homeland and we are not the ones who must leave.”

Tomorrow I will go to the Prosecutor’s office, will be taken into custody and imprisoned. What is clear to me is that I will always be beside my family and my friends.

In hopes of bright and clear days.

حسین رونقی
باور دارم که پاسخ هیچ اندیشه ای زندان نیست برای همین به زندان می روم؛بازنگشتن من مساوی است با جلب وثیقه ها و این یعنی سلب اعتماد وثیقه گذارها و سقوط تعهد و اخلاق، اجرای وثیقه ها زمانی قانونی است که برای بازداشت، من در دسترسی نباشم و این اتفاق در حالی رخ داده است که به صورت مکتوب آدرس خود را به مقام های قضایی اعلام کرده بودم تا در صورت نیاز بازداشتم کنند اما این اتفاق نیافتاد و در نهایت از داستانی گفتند که اطلاعات سپاه می گوید باید حسین را به زندان بازگردانید. از آن هم که بگذریم به قول مادرم «اینجا سرزمین ماست آن کسی که باید این سرزمین را ترک کند ما نیستیم»؛ فردا می روم دادستانی و نهایتا بازداشت و زندان، آنچه برای من واضح است همیشه در کنار خانواده و دوستانم خواهم بود. به امید روزهای خوب و روشن

زبان سرخ و سبز… این چه غوغایی ست!
نصیب خون ِ به دیوارها تباهی شد!
برای حرف نگفته به حبس خواهی رفت
برای کار نکرده به بند خواهی شد!
“اشرف گیلانی”


Norouz message from mother of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

Hossein Ronaghi & mother

Zoleikha Mousavi, mother of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki shared the following message for Norouz:

As long as I’m alive I will not have a moment of peace. The day my son was kidnapped from me, my heart was penetrated with the weight of all the pain in the world. This is the 6th year I spend the New Year without the presence of my son Hossein.

Six years have gone by and every year I ask God how I can handle this sorrow and pain.

Only a mother can grasp how I feel these days.

But know that maintaining honor is the reward for speaking of principles, and our children shall remain honorable.

I wish a happy New Year to all Iranians, specially the suffering mothers, the prisoners, and their families.

:متن پیام مادر حسین رونقی به مناسبت فرارسیدن عید نوروز و سال نو

تا زنده ام لحظه ای آرام نخواهم گرفت ، روزی که پسرم را از من ربودند ، تمام غم عالم بر قلبم فروریخت ، و اکنون 6 سال است که عید را بدون حضور فرزند دلبندم حسین می گذرانم…
شش سال شد و هر سال می گویم خداوندا ، چه سازم با غمش؟
حال و روز مرا فقط یک مادر می تواند درک کند…

اما بدانید که پاداش حرف حق زدن سربلندی است ، و فرزندان ما سربلند می مانند…
سال نو را به همه مردم ایران بخصوص مادران داغدار و زندانیان و خانواده هایشان تبریک می گویم…

Kurdish prisoner Anvar Hossein Panahi returned to public prison after enduring 10 days in solitary confinement at the Ministry of Intelligence detention center

Committee of Human Rights Reporters- After spending 10 days in solitary confinement, Anvar Panahi has been transferred back to Ward 2 of Sanandaj prison.

According to news shared by his family Anvar Hossein Panahi was put under extreme mental duress and physical torture by interrogators in attempts to extract a false televised confession.

The Revolutionary Court first sentenced Anvar Hossein Panahi, Kurdish social and political activist, to death. After tireless efforts and protests on the part of human rights activists, his death sentence was later commuted to life in prison.

Hossein Panahi’s family members have shared that officials of the Ministry of Intelligence told them in their view the death sentence should have been upheld and Panahi should have remained on death row.


Anvar Hossein Panahi

4 Baha’i citizens held behind bars under very unsound conditions at Shiraz Pirbenoy prison

Human Rights House of Iran –  The 4 Baha’i citizens who are serving their sentences are kept under grueling prison conditions.

Even though prison officials at Pirbenoy prison in the city of Shiraz assured the prisoners, Vehdat Dana, Afshin Ehsenian, Farham Masoumi, and Keyvan Karmi, that the conditions would become better, they have gotten much worse.

Human Rights House of Iran reports that in the past days, Vehdat Dana, Afshin  Ehsanian, Farham Masoumi and Keyvan Karmi were transferred to Ward 1 of Shiraz Pirbenoy prison where they are being kept in a very cold cell with 30 other prisoners.

These 4 Baha’i prisoners are prohibited from exiting the cell, depriving them of any movement in the ward. They are banned from visitations and are not allowed to contact their families. Even though their families delivered their medications, the prisoners did not receive them due to the prison infirmary being closed. These conditions are especially dangerous for Vehdat Dana who is suffering from heart disease.

Branch 1 of the Shiraz Revolutionary Court handed down a 10-month prison sentence to these 4 Baha’i citizens on March 1, 2010 on the charge of “propaganda against the regime.” The sentencing was upheld at the Shiraz appellate court in August 2011. They were arrested in early December 2011 and transferred to Pirbenoy prison in Shiraz to serve their sentences behind bars.

Human Rights House of Iran

Baha'i prisoner

Clashes Continue Between Polytechnic Students (AmirKabir)and Basij, 4 Students Arrested

Daneshjoonews –

According to Daneshjoo News, during clashes between students and security forces, four students were arrested on the orders of Mr. Bagheri, a school security administrator who has played a large role in the repressions that have occurred in the past years. A number of the school custodians also helped for this to take place. There is still no news from those arrested.

There are reports that in today’s protest at Amirkabir University that students who were holding pictures of Majid Tavakoli were assaulted by Basij forces.


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