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Norouz message from mother of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

Hossein Ronaghi & mother

Zoleikha Mousavi, mother of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki shared the following message for Norouz:

As long as I’m alive I will not have a moment of peace. The day my son was kidnapped from me, my heart was penetrated with the weight of all the pain in the world. This is the 6th year I spend the New Year without the presence of my son Hossein.

Six years have gone by and every year I ask God how I can handle this sorrow and pain.

Only a mother can grasp how I feel these days.

But know that maintaining honor is the reward for speaking of principles, and our children shall remain honorable.

I wish a happy New Year to all Iranians, specially the suffering mothers, the prisoners, and their families.

:متن پیام مادر حسین رونقی به مناسبت فرارسیدن عید نوروز و سال نو

تا زنده ام لحظه ای آرام نخواهم گرفت ، روزی که پسرم را از من ربودند ، تمام غم عالم بر قلبم فروریخت ، و اکنون 6 سال است که عید را بدون حضور فرزند دلبندم حسین می گذرانم…
شش سال شد و هر سال می گویم خداوندا ، چه سازم با غمش؟
حال و روز مرا فقط یک مادر می تواند درک کند…

اما بدانید که پاداش حرف حق زدن سربلندی است ، و فرزندان ما سربلند می مانند…
سال نو را به همه مردم ایران بخصوص مادران داغدار و زندانیان و خانواده هایشان تبریک می گویم…

Arrest and building case against Mohammad Yousefi

The “Black Spider” project extends to student activists.

Mohammad Yousefi

Mohammad Yousefi, graduate student at Tehran’s Amirkabir University majoring in shipbuilding has for two months been quietly held in detention controlled by the IRGC while officials of the Cyber Police are creating a case against the former Green activist.

According to Daneshjoonews, the commander of the Cyber Police security forces in a statement announced the arrest of a 37-year old Amirkabir University student referred to as “M.Y.”

The Cyber Police report said the arrest of Mohammad Yousefi was an outcome of a program called “Spider Project” uncovering management of Facebook pages that contain content with opposing values to that of the regime.

The Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in its report claims Mohammad Yousefi “in his posts ridiculed the highest values and holy figures of the Shiite religion.”

The criminal case against the former student activist is due to the alleged management of “fake” Facebook pages associated with several artists, soccer players, and famous personalities and harassing them.

New Cyber Police security project called “Spider”:

Student activist and former Green political prisoner

Mohammad Yousefi, student at Amirkabir University (Tehran Polytechnic) was arrested previously in 2009 and spent some time behind bars in Evin prison.

The Cyber Police in its report refers to the ’09 arrest of the student activist, saying “the accused has a prior record of arrest by security forces during the time of sedition activities and has close ties to sedition collaborators. He played a large role in fomenting social unrest in cyberspace after the time of sedition.” Mohammad Yousefi was released in May 2010 after spending more than five months behind bars.

Intelligence agents detained the Green activist on December 7, 2009 as he attempted to enter the Amirkabir University campus. He was held in Ward 209 of Evin prison for some time during harsh interrogations before being transferred to Ward 350 of the facility. Judge Salavati sentenced him to four years imprisonment on the charge of “assembly and collusion against national security.”

Majid Tavakoli, another student activist from Amirkabir University was arrested at the same time and Yousefi was put under great pressure by security forces for his friendship with Tavakoli.

Due to a lack of proper paperwork, Branch 54 of the Court of Appeals later lowered Yousefi’s sentence to a 5-year suspended prison term and he was released after spending 161 days behind bars.

The silence and secrecy of Intelligence forces regarding Mohammad Yousefi’s detainment indicates that they are building a case against the former student activist.

The Cyber Police in the same report revealed the arrest of another individual referred to as “Ae.R.”

Source: Daneshjoonews