17 political prisoners announce end of hunger strike: We will continue to pursue the violations

17 of the political prisoners from Evin prison Ward 350 who had launched a hunger strike in protest of the April 17 vicious attack that took place in the prison, announced that they are ending their hunger strike while emphasizing that they continue their demand for an impartial investigation of the attack.

Below is letter signed by 12 of the political prisoners as provided to Kaleme:

In the name of God

Noble People of Iran,

The events that took place on black Thursday when a considerable number of prisoners were viciously beaten while they were cuffed and blindfolded, leading to many wounded with serious injuries was an unprecedented incident that does not happen all the time.

On April 21st we launched a hunger strike in protest of what occurred, to be a loud voice for the victims and let people know the calamity that took place.

Hopefully with the information and concrete evidence that you the honorable people received, in good conscience you have made your public judgment of the situation. For our beloved people, in addition to the evidence and details of the incident that was made public, a look at the assailant and assaulted is a clear explanation in itself and is a great reminder to the community of who the two different sides are.

When those in charge who should have been the first to stand up to the injustice that occurred and deal with the perpetrators of this crime closed their eyes to what happened, they shed light on a reality that is clear as day. But more than anything, the denial of inalienable facts and refusal to conduct an impartial investigation was the catalyst that guided public opinion.

If the Black Thursday event in Ward 350 of Evin prison continues to be ignored and an impartial investigation is not conducted, it will forever leave its shameful mark on the instigators and perpetrators of the crime. We hope our government can take an honorable action regarding this incident and some brave, justice-seeking representatives can record what happened and shed more light on the truth.

With our gratitude to all those who expressed their feelings about the traumatic experience of the innocent prisoners in Ward 350, among them great scholars, prominent national figures, groups and institutions that with compassion have urged us to break our hunger strike – we announce that on Tuesday April 28th we are ending our hunger strike while continuing our demand for an inquiry into the violations that took place.

Also with gratitude to our dear hunger-striking friends in Rajai Shahr prison who joined us in support, we ask that they also end their hunger strike.

1-    Hassan Assadi Zeidabadi

2-    Amir Eslami

3-    Akbar Amini Armaki

4-    Emad Bahavar

5-    Ghorban Behzadian Nejad

6-    Massoud Pedram

7-    Amin Chalaki

8-    Mohammad Sadegh Rabani Amleshi

9-    Alireza Rajai

10- Seyed Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

11-Reza Shahabi

12-Mohsen Mirdamadi



Added to the above named, 5 political prisoners who had joined the hunger strike in support have  announced that they also ended their hunger strike today:

Alireza Rajibian Fard

Mohammad Davari

Hamid Karvasi

Jaafar Ganji

Mohsen Ghashghayi


Evin Prison


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