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Arrest of 4 Christian converts in Tehran

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Several days ago 4 citizens who converted to Christianity were detained in Tehran.

According to obtained reports, Shahab Samimi, his wife Fariba Karim Khani, Farshad Rahimdel and Yaser Mirza Zanjani were arrested on Friday and Sunday of the past week.

Per these reports on Friday October 26th, security agents raided the home of Mr. Samimi. During the raid they detained him, his wife Fariba Karim Khani and Mr. Farshad Rahimdel who was a guest at their house at the time. The agents conducted a search of the home and confiscated personal items such as computers, books, publications, CD’s, and their satellite receiver.

On Sunday October 28th, security agents raided the home of Yaser Mirza Zanjani, confiscated his personal and family belongings, and detained this Christian convert.

There is no news of the whereabouts or condition of these 4 Christian citizens. During the past several weeks, security agents arrested another 7 members of the Christian community in Fars province, cities of Shiraz and Kovar.

The harassment and arrest of Christian citizens continues while the report on October 24th by UN Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shahid to the UN Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Affairs) disclosed, “Since mid-year 2010 until the present, more than 300 Christians have been detained in Iran.”

Arrest of 4 Christian converts in Tehran 

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