The Gaza tunnels and prayers of political prisoners’ families

Kaleme – What is the reason for the frequent controversial and destructive inspections that take place in new shapes and forms recently? Many of these prisoners who have been held behind bars since 2009 relish a small amount of scant peace as they go through their days with patience and gentle resolve. Many of these prisoners used to be high-ranking members of the government, the private sector, or within their field of expertise – and have spent their best years behind bars apart from their spouse and family.

The prison personnel say that inspections are their right because they are searching for prohibited goods such as man-made weapons and drugs – even though they know very well that these types of items do not exist in the community of political prisoners. To say it in precise terms, they are searching to discover and destroy any means of communication between the prisoners and the outside world, the same way Israel claims it is attacking Gaza because it is searching for tunnels that could break the seize of Gaza.

However those who raid the ward do not take a fact into consideration; does a political prisoner not have the right to visit with his family? Is a father or a husband who has been separated from his family for years not have the moral and religious right to know about his personal and family affairs? Per the anecdotes of the Holy Prophet he insisted that even during the most religious times, warriors were not to be kept separated from their families and far from their homes for prolonged periods of time.

It is common knowledge that since 2009, the phones in Ward 350 of Evin prison, along with those at Rajai Shahr prison, have been cut off in contrast to other wards and the norm in all the prisons of the country where phone calls are allowed. The word of mouth is that the orders for these recent harsh encounters have come from a high-ranking government entity and it seems to be out of the control of the prison Warden or the Prosecutor’s office. However both the religious standards and the laws have been ignored during the offenses and violations of rights.

Regardless the clear question posed by political prisoners and their families to the decision makers in charge, many of whom were themselves political prisoners before the Revolution is the following: Is this type of violation in accordance with the law? Not holding the period of detention, the days and months as a criterion for consideration, isn’t the hardship and future uncertainty enough pain, so you trample their residences under the boots of the soldiers causing additional waves of grief and worry for the stressed out families?

Yes, unfortunately it has been years now that many noble sons of this country call prison their home. As one of the prisoners once pointed out, the years that each of them spend on a 2 meter bed costs a few times more than rented homes that would have to be changed every year.

Therefore is it not reasonable for the families to wish that at the very least these areas of residence are not constantly subjected to upheaval and turned into an unsafe environment? Is it not fair to ask that the mental well being of the prisoners is not imperiled with so called security projects such as dismantling the political ward and dispersing political prisoners to other wards among dangerous felons?

Sadly these days the aim for the families of political prisoners is no longer securing their freedom; instead it is demanding that at the very least their living situation does not continue to deteriorate and become more difficult. The families hope their loved ones are not transferred to undisclosed locations per the apparent plan that some of the hardline members of the judiciary have on the agenda.


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