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Letter by Hossein Ronaghi’s father to Tehran Prosecutor

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – In a letter to the Tehran Prosecutor, Hossein Ronaghi’s father divulges that a judicial office administrator has personally taken action to prevent medical furlough for the jailed activist.

In his letter Ahmad Ronaghi Maleki disclosed that an individual by the name of Sattari who is the Director of the office of Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court is standing in the way of legal furlough for Hossein Ronaghi. Pursuant to Sattari’s actions, Branch One of the Revolutionary Court denied medical leave for Hossein Ronaghi with disregard to the information provided in Ronaghi’s submitted medical records.

Following is the letter by Ahmad Ronaghi to the Tehran Prosecutor as provided to CHRR:

In the name of God

Honorable Mr. Jafari Dolatabadi, Tehran Prosecutor General of the Public Court,

Pursuant to the letters provided by the Legal Medical Organization and the Tehran Shahrak-e Gharb Medical Commission regarding the kidney disease of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, I request my son’s legal right per criminal law to be released.

Honorable Prosecutor, the Legal Medical Organization has sent its findings to the Prosecutor’s office.

Honorable Prosecutor, due to the absence of the presiding judge at Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court, my son’s case was transferred to Branch 1 presided by Judge Ahmadzadeh. However with the direct influence and meddling of Mr. Sattari – office Director of Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court – on February 5th without even reviewing my son’s provided medical records, Judge Ahmadzadeh presiding over Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court denied medical furlough. As stipulated by the law, this action on the part of the presiding judge was illegal.

Honorable Prosecutor, I hereby request that medical furlough be granted for my son seyed Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, who is a political prisoner in failing health.

Best Regards,

Seyed Ahmad Ronaghi Maleki, father of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki



Hossein Ronaghi & father

March 8th and the 10 Days With Bahareh Hedayat campaign

10 years is not a number, it is a life – a lifetime.

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – In commemoration with March 8th (International Women’s Day), a group of student’s rights and women’s rights activists have launched a new campaign in support of jailed activist Bahareh Hedayat. This campaign – while stressing that Bahareh Hedayat is in poor health – demands her release from prison, and asks the people of Iran, officials of the country, and the international community to pay attention to the situation of this prominent women’s and student’s rights activist.

The entries received by the Bahareh Hedayat Campaign will be published in the Free Bahareh Hedayat facebook page.

“Stand with us in commemoration of March 8th and the 10 Days With Bahareh Hedayat campaign.”

The 10 Days With Bahareh Hedayat campaign will be launched on March 8th to share information about her – each day one aspect of Bahareh’s work and character will be celebrated.

This campaign is in protest of the unjust 10-year prison sentence handed for demanding the basic human rights of human beings. We hope that in the coming days, we can draw the attention of the people of Iran, officials in charge of the country, and the international community to the situation of Bahareh Hedayat. In accordance with Article 134 of the new Islamic Penal Code, Bahareh is entitled to prison release after serving half of her prison sentence. With consideration to the fact that she has spent 4.5 years of her 10-year prison term behind bars and she is in poor health, we call for her release via this campaign.

10-Day Bahareh Hedayat Campaign-

Join us in a united voice with the 10 Days With Bahareh Hedayat campaign in commemoration of March 8th (International Women’s Day).

Ten years is not a number, it is a life – a lifetime.

1-    Bahareh is a women’s rights activist

2-    Bahareh is a student’s rights activist

3-    Bahareh is a political prisoner

4-    Bahareh is a wife

5-    Bahareh is a daughter and a sister

6-    Bahreh’s health is in danger

7-    Bahareh is a well known activist in the international community

8-    Bahareh is a friend

9-    Bahareh is a young Iranian woman

10-Bahareh is a woman who defends human rights

Bahareh Hedayat

Image of a mother suffering in anguish

On a hot summer day in August 2010, the families of political prisoners had gathered in front of the court to get news on the situation of their loved ones.

Nobody thought this suffering mother in anguish who spent months in front of Evin prison and the Prosecutor’s office shedding tears and calling out for her son was Zoleikha Mousavi, the determined and powerful woman from Azerbaijan who never let her son Hossein Ronaghi Maleki be alone.

Today we shouldn’t abandon this mother or any of the mothers.

Zoleikha Mousavi & mothers

Hossein Ronaghi: The house arrest of the Green movement leaders is the imprisonment of national demands

Hossein Ronaghi, jailed dissident blogger held in Evin prison announced his support of the letter written to the president and signed by thousands demanding the release of the Green movement leaders.

As provided to Kaleme, human rights activist seyed Hossein Ronaghi wrote the following statement in support of the letter:

The cruel wall that surrounds Zahra Rahnavard, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi  – because of their defense of the voting rights of the people, of human rights, their protection of the freedom and dignity of the Iranian people, their efforts to ensure progress in the country – is in effect the imprisonment of the ideals and aspirations of the nation. This act of oppression and the resistance to it is not in vein and will not be forgotten.

Seyed Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, blogger and human rights activist was detained on December 13, 2009 at his home in Malekan close to the city of Tabriz. He was held for 13 months in solitary confinement in Ward 2-A at Evin prison and subjected to severe physical pressure and psychological duress in a futile effort to extract false televised confessions. Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court eventually handed him a 15-year prison sentence.

Meanwhile three years have gone by since the house arrest of Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi and Zahra Rahnavard despite the fact that during the eleventh presidential elections that recently took place, the imprisonment situation of the Green movement leaders was emphasized. Presidential campaigning was done on the slogan that resolving this issue would bring reconciliation and national unity.

The letter campaign was organized with a cap of ten thousand signatories demanding the release of the leaders, ending on March 3 commemorating the birthday of Mir Hossein Mousavi.


Hossein Ronaghi Maleki