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Arrest of 2 poets, Habib Mousavi Bibalani and Nima Safar Saflai

Committee of Human Rights Reporters- According to trusted sources, on September 14th security agents entered a poetry forum in Gorgan and arrested 2 contemporary poets.

According to the obtained report, after detaining the 2 poets security agents went to the poets’ residences and conducted a search, seizing their personal belongings and their computers.

During the past year, a number of contemporary poets have been threatened and harassed, such as Hila Sedighi, Mohammad Reza Ali Payam, and Mostafa Badkoobei, who all received prison sentences.

CHRR  Arrest of 2 poets, Habib Mousavi Bibalani and Nima Safar Saflai

Habib Mousavi Bibalani & Nima Safar