New information about injuries sustained by political prisoners

Kaleme – Among the serious injuries sustained in today’s violent raid were face and neck injuries; rupture of the artery; skull fracture; broken ribs; broken bones in hands and feet; swelling, bruising and trauma caused by baton strikes.

According to Keleme this type of violent altercation in Ward 350 has been unprecedented in the past two decades. During the past years never have officials this aggressively raided a public ward where scores of political prisoners are held, and ferociously beaten them up in this manner causing bleeding and serious wounding.

Usually prison guards keep a distance between themselves and inmates. But during the bloody altercation that took place on Thursday, plainclothes officials along with IRGC units and prison security guards hurled threats as they ruthlessly beat the prisoners.

The violent encounter and beatings took place in the outside area, in cells, inside halls and the hallway leading to the prison exit.

According to this report the prisoners were assaulted and battered with batons and broken glass was hurled at their bodies. The intense atmosphere caused heart problems for some prisoners and while they were denied access to their heart medication, they were even denied their crucial sublingual medication.

The question arises if the head of the prisons will continue to deny anything happened considering the number of injured prisoners and the extent of their injuries.

Below are the names of injured and their sustained injuries:

Omid Behrouzi – ruptured vein in hand – transferred to Taleghani Hospital

Esmail Barzegari – broken ribs – transferred to Taleghani Hospital

Akbar Amini Armaki – broken head

Soroosh Sabet – broken head

Gholamreza Khosravi – bleeding

Camyar Sabet Sanati – heart attack

Asadollah Hadi – heart attack and bleeding

Reza Akbari Monfared – bleeding

Abolghasem Foladvand – bleeding

Alireza Rajai – swelling and bruising in hands

Emad Bahavar – swelling and bruising in hands

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki – injuries to the hands and head

Ghorban Behzadian Nejad – hand injury

Simkoo Khalghati – general injuries and bleeding

Behnam Ebrahimzadeh – bleeding

In addition to the above prisoners, all the prisoners mentioned in the previous report who were transferred to solitary confinement suffered various injuries. There is no news about the situation or physical condition of the wounded prisoners who are now being held in solitary.

Evin Prison

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