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Hossein Ronaghi: The issue is injustice and lawlessness

12079095_742066049270567_735153121159237293_nThe Prosecutor’s office has ordered the 1.4-billion toman bail with our home along with the homes of friends and neighbors as collateral to be seized.

What is adding further distress to my family and me is that according to the new laws, I have 4 more years of prison time therefore they can legally seize 400 mllion tomans (100 million per year) but in order to add torment, they intend to confiscate all the collateral properties which are worth more than 3 billion tomans.

Aside from all this, even assuming that I am guilty of the charges against me, if my sentencing had been made according to the Islamic Penal Code and the cyber crimes laws, I would have received 4 years maximum not 15 years in prison. So I have already spent 2 years more than what I should have in prison wasting my life and causing my health problems.

On the other hand, there are many legal means by which sending me back to prison can be avoided. Yet for six years my family and those around me have been subjected to hardship stemming from my imprisonment and probation. Even putting aside my health issues – which after five years the Prosecutor claims don’t exist according to the legal coroner’s office and that I am healthy – I don’t understand what the issue is when the Prosecutor’s office and IRGC units say this is not their concern?

I got in touch with the Prosecutor’s office and told them that because I object to their illegal actions I will not present myself to prison but they can come and arrest me. I assured them that I have no intention to run away or leave Iran and if they contact me I will present myself in front of the Prosecutor’s office or my father’s home where they can arrest me. However the consequences of whatever may happen to me in my poor physical condition or to my family will rest on the shoulders of the judiciary and IRGC intelligence units.

Going back to prison and tolerating more time behind bars is not the point. The issue is the lawlessness and injustice that is happening in the Islamic Republic when they do not adhere to their own laws.

This time I will stand until my death against these circumstances that I do not deserve.