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Ali Akbar Mohammadzadeh and Mehdi Mahmoudian released on furlough

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Mehdi Mahmoudian and Ali Akbar Mohammadadeh were released from prison today August 7th.

According to CHRR, Ali Akbar Mohammadzadeh – student activist and former head of the Islamic Association of Sharif University, and Mehdi Mahmoudian – journalist and human rights activist were granted furlough and released on bail.

Ali Akbar Mohammadzadeh who had been summoned, threated and interrogated several times since 2009, was violently arrested across Sharif University one day before the 25 Bahman (February 14) protests in 2011. The student activist was held in solitary confinement while undergoing harsh interrogations for 54 days. On September 17, 2011 Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Salavati handed Ali Akbar Mohammadzadeh a 6-year prison term which was upheld on November 9, 2011 by Branch 26 of the Tehran Appellate Court presided by judge Zargar. His sentence stemmed from the charges of “illegal gathering and collusion” (5 years) and “propaganda against the regime” (one year).

Mehdi Mahmoudian, is a member of Participation Front, member of Association for the Defense of Political Prisoners, and journalist who played a vital role in exposing the crimes and gross human rights violations that occurred at the now closed Kahrizak Detention Center before and after the contested presidential elections of 2009. He was arrested on September 26, 2009 and spent 70 days in solitary confinement where he was psychologically and physically tortured, after which he was handed a 5-year prison sentence. While incarcerated in Rajai Shahr prison, Mahmoudian wrote reports regarding the deplorable situation of the death row prisoners in the facility. He also wrote letters to Ayatollah Khamenei in which he described the appalling prison conditions and in detail chronicled the abuse and the torture of inmates.


علی‌ اکبر محمد‌زاده و مهدی محمودیان به مرخصی آمدند


Mohammadzadeh & Mahmoudian

Probability of pardon for a number of Kurdish political prisoners prior to the upcoming elections

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – According to a judicial official from Kurdistan province, in the near future several political prisoners who have less than 6 months of their prison sentences remaining, will be granted early release before the upcoming presidential elections.

According to CHRR, a family member of Kurdish political prisoner Anwar Hossein Panahi said the following; “After we presented a petition with thousands of signatures and our local people insisted on the innocence of Anwar Hossein Panahi and demanded a follow-up on his case, a judiciary official from the Sanandaj Prosecutor’s Office told us that the Ministry of Intelligence had opposed any commutation in his sentencing.” He said regarding the new order for probable early release, “This pardon is within the parameters of a ruling that requires all prisoners with less than 6 months prison time remaining, to be released.”

Last week Kurdish prisoner Arsalan Oliyayi who was arrested in 2007 by security forces and had less than 6 months remaining in his prison term was released from Sanandaj Central Prison. Oliyayi and Panahi were both sentenced to death on charges of “acting against national security,” and “moharebeh” (enmity with god). Their death sentences were later commuted by the court of appeals to 6 years in prison.



Iran prisoners


Eleven years total prison time for 3 writers of Saryae Ahl-e Ghalam

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – The Tehran Revolutionary court presided by Judge Salavati informed 3 writers from Saraye Ahl-e Ghalam of their sentences per phone.

According to CHRR, Akbar Amini was handed a 5-year prison sentence; 4 years for “assembly and collusion against national security,” and one year for “propaganda against the regime,” along with a 5-year ban from membership in any political party or group, and activity in any Internet or media outlet. A one-year suspended term from a previous sentencing was also enforced, requiring him to spend a total of 6 years in prison.

Pejman Zafarmand was handed a 3-year prison sentence on charges of “assembly and collusion against national security,” along with a 5-year ban from membership in any political party or group, and activity in any Internet or media outlet.

Mohammad Parsi was handed a 3-year prison sentence; 2 years on charges of “assembly and collusion against national security via the Internet,” and one year on the charge of “propaganda against the regime,” along with a 5-year ban from membership in any political party or group, and activity in any Internet or media outlet.

On October 30, 2012, Security agents raided a gathering of the Saraye Ahl-e Ghalam (Association of Writers) and arrested around 70 members who were present at the meeting. Most of them were later released but security agents transferred 17 members in a police van to Evin prison. Agents detained Pejman Zafarmand and Mehdi Karimi later.

Mehdi Khazali remains behind bars in Ward 209 of Evin prison and continues his hunger strike in protest of the his illegal arrest and mistreatment of prisoners. Other members of Sarye Ahl-e Ghalam have recently been summoned to appear in court to face their chages.

صدور ۱۱ سال حبس برای سه نفر از بازداشت شدگان سرای اهل قلم

Saraye Ahl-e Ghalam

Hossein Salmanzadeh, Iranian refugee in Turkey launches hunger strike

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Hossein Salmanzadeh, refugee in police custody in Turkey, has launched a hunger strike in protest of his request for political asylum being ignored. Salmanzadeh who has been in custody at the Turkey police detention center since April 25th is on his 4th day of hunger strike.

Hossein Salmanzadeh is a former photographer from Fars news agency who left the country due to his lack of safety after he published photographs of the mass unrest following the contested 2009 presidential election results. He went to Turkey along with other photographers and presented himself at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Eleven months later the UNHCR relocated Salmanzadeh to the United States as a refugee but due to constraints on gaining employment and very difficult living conditions, he was compelled to go back to Turkey after a few months. Upon his return to Turkey he once again presented himself at the UNHCR headquarters and requested asylum to a European country where he could make a living and survive. The UNHCR approved his request after one month but as of April 5th, no country has agreed to grant him asylum.

Hossein Salmanzadeh is an award winning photojournalist who worked for various weeklies – Iran Varzeshi, Iran Jomeh, Ham Vatan Salam, Hamshahri – along with Miras Farhangi and Fars news agencies. In 2006 Salmanzadeh was the recipient of the Kaveh Golestan Photography award for his “Murder in Southern Dibaji” photographic series.




Hossein Salmanzadeh

Ashura detainee Behzad Arabgol transferred to Evin prison

Committee of Human Rights Reporters –  Behzad Arabgol, war veteran, presidential campaign activist and Ashura detainee, was transferred to Evin prison today April 30th,  to serve his 4-year prison sentence.

According to CHRR, this Green movement activist and Iran-Iraq war veteran who still carries shrapnel in his body from the war, was arrested during the Ashura protests following the disputed presidential elections in 2009, and endured 6 months behind bars in Evin prison under difficult conditions and harsh interrogations.

This Green activist who has never used his veterinary benefits, was handed a 6-year prison sentence by Judge Salavati presiding over Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court: five years on the charge of “illegal gathering,” and one year on the charge of “mutiny.” The sentence was later commuted to a total of 4 years in prison by the court of appeals.

Following several intimidating visits by agents to his home, in March 2010 Behzad Arabgol presented himself at the Ministry of Intelligence in order to spare his family from further harassment. He was held in solitary confinement in Evin prison for extended periods of time and faced intense interrogations before being released on 100 million Tomans bail on July 7, 2010.

Behzad Arabgol is a father to a 4.5-year old and a 7-year old, and supported his family through his job as a construction worker.


Ashura detainee Behzad Arabgol transferred to Evin prison

انتقال بهزاد عرب‌گل، از متهمین عاشورای ۸۸ به زندان اوین

Behzad Arabgol

Behnam Ebrahimzadeh’s son hospitalized again

Committee of Human Rights Reporters –   Nima Ebrahimzadeh, son of labor activist Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, was hospitalized again on Saturday April 27th at Mahak Hospital in order to undergo another round of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

CHRR reports that Nima Ebrahimzadeh, son of incarcerated labor activist Behnam Ebrahimzadeh who is on temporary release due to his son’s condition, was diagnosed with cancer three months ago. Nima’s condition worsened as he refused to eat or drink due to the stress of his father’s imprisonment. He is now hospitalized again in the pediatric cancer facility in order to give more blood tests and undergo another round of chemotherapy and radiation treatment for his cancer.

While the extension of furlough was first denied for Behnam Ebrahimzadeh who was ordered to present himself at Evin prison on April 20th, his cancer stricken son Nima was hospitalized, stricken with thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count). When Nima’s medical documents were presented to the prosecutor’s office, the labor activist was given a few days extension in order to be by his son’s side at the hospital.

Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, member of Committee to Pursue Establishment of Labor Unions and Association to Defend Child Laborers, was arrested by agents of the Intelligence Ministry on June 12, 2010. Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court handed down a 20-year prison sentence, which was later commuted by the appellate court to 5 years in prison.

CHRR   Behnam Ebrahimzadeh’s son hospitalized again

Nima Ebrahimzadeh

Incarcerated activist Peyman Chalaki released on bail

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – On April 21st, Peyman Chalaki, former head of the Islamic Student Association of Saveh University, a Green movement activist and administrator of the Mousavi presidential election campaign, was released on bail of 400 million tomans.

According to CHRR, even though Peyman Chalaki had posted bail and was set to be released before the Nowruz holiday in March, he was kept behind bars and was finally granted furlough on Sunday April 21st. Chalaki was arrested on January 10, 2010 in the aftermath of the Ashura 88 protests, along with his wife and young child.

Peyman Chalaki, his wife Simeh Alamipasand and their 3-year old daughter Mana were arrested at their home by agents from the Sari Ministry of Intelligence. Chalaki was handed a 4-year prison sentence by the Revolutionary Court and the ruling was confirmed at the court of appeals.

CHRR  Incarcerated activist Peyman Chalaki released on bail

Peyman Chalaki