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Hossein Ronaghi expresses concern for teacher Mahmoud Beheshti on hunger strike


I was held in the same ward as Mr. Mahmoud Beheshti Langaroudi, one of the most outstanding and honorable teachers in Iran. When I was on hunger strike he supported and comforted me. As my health plummeted and I was too weak to hold my body up or walk, he took care of me and helped me. I would see the worried look in his eyes as he gazed at me like a father in distress over my physical condition.

Mahmoud Beheshti has been on hunger strike for several weeks in demand of adherence to his legal rights. He also embarked on dry hunger strike days ago, meaning in addition to not eating solids, he no longer drinks any liquids. I am immensely worried for him like a son who knows well what hunger strike means, the same way he was worried for me like a father.

I will share my experience of what hunger strike does to you.

Starting a hunger strike is difficult. The fist few days are agonizing with hunger pains and you lose all your energy. A few days later your vision becomes blurry and when you touch your hair it falls out into your hands. You forget words and talking becomes difficult. Every day this condition worsens as pain encompasses your organs, lungs and kidneys, often leading to bleeding. You feel pressure on your rib cage and it becomes hard to breath. When night falls you have no sleep and when you close your eyes you ask yourself if they will ever open again. Every night you ponder if this might be your last night and wonder if you will wake up again. You are engulfed with fear, but a power from within keeps you going despite all the pain and danger.

Dry hunger strike is much harsher than wet hunger strike; your throat gets parched and no matter how much you try to get some moisture through your saliva, it is useless. Your skin dries up and gets creased. You feel yourself shrinking. Your bones hurt and feel wrinkled. Even your smiles have sadness. You feel like you are crying when you try to smile. With every deep breath you try to take you feel like your life is escaping. You don’t have the energy to speak. You try to think of sweet and bitter memories from your life but the images in your head are blurry and seem to have lost color. The saddest and hardest part of being on dry hunger strike is that you are moving towards death with open arms.

Hunger strike is difficult for the person doing it and it also causes immense stress to those who are witness to it. The heaviest burden falls on the closest confidant who observes a friend getting more debilitated with every passing day. The closest person is witness to the weight loss and depletion of energy as the body dangerously weakens.

I am very worried for an honorable teacher who is a righteous human being.

~ Hossein Ronaghi

با آقای محمود بهشتی لنگرودی از معلمان شریف و نیک ایران زمین هم بند بودم و تقریبا طی اعتصاب غذا هر لحظه که من مریض و ناخوش می شدم و نای راه رفتن هم نداشتم من را همراهی می کرد و من از نگاهش نگرانی را می خواندم و چون پدری دلسوز هر لحظه جویای حال من میشد و وضعیت جسمی من او را نگران می کرد.
او چند هفته است که اعتصاب غذا است و چند روز است که اعتصاب غذایش خشک است یعنی آب هم نمی خورد. خواسته اش اجرای قانون است و آنگونه که او در حق من پدری کرد و نگرانم بود همچون پسرش نگران حالش هستم و می دانم وقتی می گوید اعتصاب است یعنی چه! آنگونه که دیده ام می گویم اعتصاب غذا چه می کند:
شروع اعتصاب غذا سخت است، چند روز اول بشدت گشنگی آزارت می دهد و بی حس و حال می شوی. چند روز که می گذرد مثل قبل واضح نمی بینی و تاری دید پیدا میکنی، دست به موهایت که می کشی می بینی موهایت می ریزد، کلمات را فراموش می کنی و در گفتار نیز با مشکل مواجه می شوی، هر روز این وضعیت تشدید پیدا می کند. سنگینی روی قفسه سینه، تنگی نفس، درد کلیه و معده و… که در اکثر موارد با خونریزی همراه می شود امان تو را می برد. شب ها خواب نداری هر لحظه که چشمهایت را می بندی به خودت می گویی نکند آخرین بار باشد که به خواب بروم و خوابم همیشگی شود. کمی ترس وجود آدم را می گیرد اما نیروی درونی بسیار قوی با تمام این خطرها و دردها، تو را مصمم پیش می برد.
اعتصاب غذای تر و خشک هر کدام داستانی جدا دارند اما اعتصاب غذای خشک داستانش فرق می کند، لبان و دهانت خشک می شود، و هر چه تلاش می کنی کمی فقط کمی گلویت را با آب دهانت تر کنی بی فایده است. پوستت چروکیده و خشک می شود و هر لحظه حس می کنی جثه ات را با فشار کوچک می کنند. استخوان هایت انگار مچاله شده اند و درد می کنند. دیگر خنده ات هم غم دارد می خندی اما گویی لحظه لحظه اشک می ریزی، مدام نفس عمیق می کشی که آنگاه انگار جان از بدن آدمی خارج می شود. نای سخن گفتن هم نداری. تصاویری را تار در ذهنت مرور می کنی از خاطرات تلخ و شیرین زندگیت که انگار آنها هم رنگ باخته اند و سیاه و سفید شده اند. اعتصاب غذای خشک که می کنی یعنی با آغوش باز به سوی مرگ می روی و این تلخ ترین و غم انگیزترین داستان اعتصاب غذا است.

اعتصاب غذا در هر صورت رنج آور است هم برای کسی که اعتصاب می کند و هم برای او که ناظر وضعیت اعتصاب کننده است بخصوص کسی که در کنار شخص اعتصاب کننده است و هر روز او را می بیند. او را می بیند که بدنش و توانش تحلیل می رود، لاغر می شود و جانش را درخطر جدی قرار می دهد. من نگران معلمی شریف و پدری عزیز و بزرگوار هستم که اعتصاب غذا هست و می دانم که چه انسان شریف و درستی است و اندیشه ای جز منافع ملی و پیشرفت ایران ندارد. محمود بهشتی لنگرودی برای من فراموش شدنی نیست.



Three Kurdish Political Prisoners on 26th Day of Hunger Strike in Rajai Shahr, Karaj

Human Rights House of Iran –  Today, three Kurdish political prisoners in Rajai Shahr ‘Gohardasht’ (Karaj) prison entered their 26th day of hunger strike. The political prisoners reportedly plan to be on hunger strike until their demands are met by prison officials who have so far ignored the prisoners.

Alnoor Khaziri, Kamran Sheikhi, and Seyed Ebrahim Seyedi are three Kurdish political prisoners who began a hunger strike to protest the unacceptable living conditions in prison. They are held among criminals charged with rape, murder, and drug-dealing. The main demand by the three prisoners on hunger strike that has gone ignored by authorities is to be transferred to the political prisoners’ ward. The situation for these three men on hunger strike has been unknown for the past two years. The prisoners are also demanding for their files to finally be processed.

According to the Kaleme website, the three political prisoners, Alnor Khaziri, Kamran Sheikhi and Seyed Ebrahim Seyedi, were previously held behind bars in ward 350 of Evin prison. They were illegally transferred to Rajai Shahr prison; a location where even the basic rights of people are not upheld.

These three Kurdish prisoners were kept in the quarantine area of Rajai Shahr prison for 50 days. This is a location in the prison with substandard conditions with lack of basic health and sanitary standards. Usually, when prisoners are first transferred to Rajai Shahr, they spend one day in the quarantine ward before they are transferred out. But the three Kurdish prisoners were locked up in the quarantine ward for 50 days before being the transfer to ward 6 of Rajai Shahr prison (a ward that usually hold criminals, not political prisoners.

Ramzan Ahmadkamal, Davood Abdollahi, and Ramzan Saeedi are another three Kurdish political prisoners held behind bars with dangerous criminals. who have their time behind bars housed with regular prisoners consisting of criminals. They have also not been transferred to the political prisoners’ ward.

Based on the alleged crimes of these Kurdish citizens, they are incarcerated for political reasons and they should therefore be held with prisoners who are accused of similar crimes.

Human Rights House of Iran