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Hossein Ronaghi expresses concern for teacher Mahmoud Beheshti on hunger strike


I was held in the same ward as Mr. Mahmoud Beheshti Langaroudi, one of the most outstanding and honorable teachers in Iran. When I was on hunger strike he supported and comforted me. As my health plummeted and I was too weak to hold my body up or walk, he took care of me and helped me. I would see the worried look in his eyes as he gazed at me like a father in distress over my physical condition.

Mahmoud Beheshti has been on hunger strike for several weeks in demand of adherence to his legal rights. He also embarked on dry hunger strike days ago, meaning in addition to not eating solids, he no longer drinks any liquids. I am immensely worried for him like a son who knows well what hunger strike means, the same way he was worried for me like a father.

I will share my experience of what hunger strike does to you.

Starting a hunger strike is difficult. The fist few days are agonizing with hunger pains and you lose all your energy. A few days later your vision becomes blurry and when you touch your hair it falls out into your hands. You forget words and talking becomes difficult. Every day this condition worsens as pain encompasses your organs, lungs and kidneys, often leading to bleeding. You feel pressure on your rib cage and it becomes hard to breath. When night falls you have no sleep and when you close your eyes you ask yourself if they will ever open again. Every night you ponder if this might be your last night and wonder if you will wake up again. You are engulfed with fear, but a power from within keeps you going despite all the pain and danger.

Dry hunger strike is much harsher than wet hunger strike; your throat gets parched and no matter how much you try to get some moisture through your saliva, it is useless. Your skin dries up and gets creased. You feel yourself shrinking. Your bones hurt and feel wrinkled. Even your smiles have sadness. You feel like you are crying when you try to smile. With every deep breath you try to take you feel like your life is escaping. You don’t have the energy to speak. You try to think of sweet and bitter memories from your life but the images in your head are blurry and seem to have lost color. The saddest and hardest part of being on dry hunger strike is that you are moving towards death with open arms.

Hunger strike is difficult for the person doing it and it also causes immense stress to those who are witness to it. The heaviest burden falls on the closest confidant who observes a friend getting more debilitated with every passing day. The closest person is witness to the weight loss and depletion of energy as the body dangerously weakens.

I am very worried for an honorable teacher who is a righteous human being.

~ Hossein Ronaghi

با آقای محمود بهشتی لنگرودی از معلمان شریف و نیک ایران زمین هم بند بودم و تقریبا طی اعتصاب غذا هر لحظه که من مریض و ناخوش می شدم و نای راه رفتن هم نداشتم من را همراهی می کرد و من از نگاهش نگرانی را می خواندم و چون پدری دلسوز هر لحظه جویای حال من میشد و وضعیت جسمی من او را نگران می کرد.
او چند هفته است که اعتصاب غذا است و چند روز است که اعتصاب غذایش خشک است یعنی آب هم نمی خورد. خواسته اش اجرای قانون است و آنگونه که او در حق من پدری کرد و نگرانم بود همچون پسرش نگران حالش هستم و می دانم وقتی می گوید اعتصاب است یعنی چه! آنگونه که دیده ام می گویم اعتصاب غذا چه می کند:
شروع اعتصاب غذا سخت است، چند روز اول بشدت گشنگی آزارت می دهد و بی حس و حال می شوی. چند روز که می گذرد مثل قبل واضح نمی بینی و تاری دید پیدا میکنی، دست به موهایت که می کشی می بینی موهایت می ریزد، کلمات را فراموش می کنی و در گفتار نیز با مشکل مواجه می شوی، هر روز این وضعیت تشدید پیدا می کند. سنگینی روی قفسه سینه، تنگی نفس، درد کلیه و معده و… که در اکثر موارد با خونریزی همراه می شود امان تو را می برد. شب ها خواب نداری هر لحظه که چشمهایت را می بندی به خودت می گویی نکند آخرین بار باشد که به خواب بروم و خوابم همیشگی شود. کمی ترس وجود آدم را می گیرد اما نیروی درونی بسیار قوی با تمام این خطرها و دردها، تو را مصمم پیش می برد.
اعتصاب غذای تر و خشک هر کدام داستانی جدا دارند اما اعتصاب غذای خشک داستانش فرق می کند، لبان و دهانت خشک می شود، و هر چه تلاش می کنی کمی فقط کمی گلویت را با آب دهانت تر کنی بی فایده است. پوستت چروکیده و خشک می شود و هر لحظه حس می کنی جثه ات را با فشار کوچک می کنند. استخوان هایت انگار مچاله شده اند و درد می کنند. دیگر خنده ات هم غم دارد می خندی اما گویی لحظه لحظه اشک می ریزی، مدام نفس عمیق می کشی که آنگاه انگار جان از بدن آدمی خارج می شود. نای سخن گفتن هم نداری. تصاویری را تار در ذهنت مرور می کنی از خاطرات تلخ و شیرین زندگیت که انگار آنها هم رنگ باخته اند و سیاه و سفید شده اند. اعتصاب غذای خشک که می کنی یعنی با آغوش باز به سوی مرگ می روی و این تلخ ترین و غم انگیزترین داستان اعتصاب غذا است.

اعتصاب غذا در هر صورت رنج آور است هم برای کسی که اعتصاب می کند و هم برای او که ناظر وضعیت اعتصاب کننده است بخصوص کسی که در کنار شخص اعتصاب کننده است و هر روز او را می بیند. او را می بیند که بدنش و توانش تحلیل می رود، لاغر می شود و جانش را درخطر جدی قرار می دهد. من نگران معلمی شریف و پدری عزیز و بزرگوار هستم که اعتصاب غذا هست و می دانم که چه انسان شریف و درستی است و اندیشه ای جز منافع ملی و پیشرفت ایران ندارد. محمود بهشتی لنگرودی برای من فراموش شدنی نیست.



Letter by families of political prisoners to Hossein Ronaghi asking him to end his hunger strike

Hello dear Hossein!

We will not ask how you are doing because we know you are not well. We are not well either with the distressing news that we receive every moment.

We will keep it short. Without preamble, unceremonious and unassuming. The reason for this letter to you is that you have to end your hunger strike immediately. You have no other choice because we know that your cherished mother’s well being is more precious to you than any food or drink. Your life is reaching its most dangerous moments. This is because of you and decisions made by those with a heart of stone who are in charge of the body, soul and health of prisoners. But the hands of those who are trusted with valuables will not soften and you have to think of your mother’s pain, our dear child.

We will keep it short and say we desperately want you to open your mouth to food and wine, to let go knowing the fight continues but at least your worry for your mother can be appeased.

This is what all the mothers, spouses, and children of the political prisoners want from you, the one who knows well the taste of pain. Our beloved child, for our sake and for that of your mother, please do not discharge any more pain than you already have.

Let us handle the IRGC intelligence unit and the judiciary, and you save yourself and your mother from doom.

With well wishes for you, your mother, and ourselves who are used to the oppression inflicted on us by tyrants.

The families of political prisoners

September 4, 2013




Hossein Ronaghi & mother

Families of slain victims ask Hossein Ronaghi to end his hunger strike

September 4, 2013

Noble people of Iran,

Honorable authorities of the Islamic Republic,

This is the sound of the pain carried by the mothers of this land. It is the sound of families bereaved with grief that has thousands of times died under the weight of their lost ones. But with disbelief every day, despite their wish for their loved ones to be alive again they have forgiveness in order to sooth the pain that has roots of injustice. There is no expectation of completely eradicating the suffering but just to ease the pain caused by injustice. The pain of losing a loved one, a child, young siblings who could today be a part of society and play a role in providing peace to their friends and loved ones, can never be quelled.

The families of victims of tyranny and injustice, along with those who have lost loved ones in the aftermath of other disasters have no refuge besides faith and God. But what is most agonizing is that one person, or a group that holds power that is used outside legal parameters and with no regard for the rights of others, takes the lives of human beings. The pain is immeasurable and lasts longer than the duration of history. As a group who has had our share of suffering by losing our loved ones, all of our efforts have been to stop the process that resulted in the loss of their lives in hopes that what happened to us is not repeated and does not happen to others. But alas this has not happened and it is evident that those responsible in perpetrating these crimes have no intention of stopping the process of crossing the red line when it comes to the lives of human beings.

On July 9, 1999 when Ezat Ebrahimnejad lost his life in that manner, maybe if there had been an investigation we would not be faced with having no news of Saeed Zeinali to this day. Perhaps if instead of using threats, constant intimidation and false promises to the family of Saeed Zeinali to keep them in the dark about his situation and whereabouts, no person with authority would feel his hands are open to take the life of Zahra Kazemi with such ease.

If the Kazemi family had been able to reach the relevant authorities, would the judiciary not have been proud of its actions? If Akbar Mohammadi’s voice asking for justice had been heard, wouldn’t it be likely that he would still be alive? If these issues had not been considered trivial and had been legally investigated, would it not be likely that the tragic disasters in the aftermath of the 2009 presidential elections would have been prevented? Was it not possible to prevent the loss of the Sohrabs and the Nedas during the June 15 and June 20 events? If the unjust confrontations that took place in the days after the election had been investigated, would the dreadful crimes that took pace in Kahrizak later not have been prevented? Was there no way to prevent the bloodshed of Ashura88? If the perpetrators of Ashura had been identified, would the tragedy of 25Bahman not been prevented? Which people dared kill Haleh Sahabi during the funeral of her father? Were they not the same people who impeded the human rights of her father Hoda Saber and refused to hear his voice? It is not long ago that Mr. Osanlou, political prisoner at Rajai Shahr prison lost his life. And about a year has gone by since the death of Sattar Beheshti while in detention. Despite relentless follow-up on the part of his lawyer and family, the perpetrators of this crime were handed a laughable charge of involuntary manslaughter. About 10 days have gone by since the killing of Baha’i citizen Attollah Rezvani in Bandar Abbas and apparently this does not stop the criminal methods.

As families who despite having paid a very heavy price while subdued by the judiciary, we warn that this process must at some point come to an end. Maybe someday when this trend is over, there will be hope of justice for families who have lost loved ones and those who were not even allowed to hold funeral services. And maybe those who are still looking for information about the lost blood of their children only to be confronted by the red line of the justice system can get some answers.

Despite enduring all these difficulties, with the help of God we feel the new spirit that is felt in our nation and see the clear horizons ahead for our youth. But we warn the judiciary and security authorities of the Islamic Republic that without respect for the most basic human rights of the people, the improvement of our nation both domestically or internationally will be nothing but an illusion.

Today is 27 days since jailed blogger and political activist Hossein Ronaghi launched a hunger strike and 16 days since his mother Zoleikha Mousavi launched a hunger strike in support of her ailing son. The worry for their dangerous physical condition has intensified.

Added to the health issues that this young man’s mother suffers stemming from her hunger strike, Hossein Ronaghi is inflicted with kidney disease, he has neurological disorders and gastrointestinal illness. The question arises about whether security and judicial officials are after repeating the disasters of the past? As the family of the wounded and those killed during the horrific events of the past years we put full responsibility for whatever happens to Hossein Ronaghi and his mother Zoleikha Mousavi on the head of the judiciary, the Tehran Prosecutor, and the officials of Evin prison. We also ask those in charge in the new government while following up on the situation of these two Iranian citizens, to sometimes also take a look at the injustices that took place in the past years. If this government acts accordingly, it will be honored to finally get this nation to the place it deserves by creating a steady state with hope and ambition for its youth.

In ending we respectfully request from dear Hossein to think of the people and the nation that still need him. We know. We know the mistreatment, oppression and lawlessness imposed on you and your family has caused you to take this path despite your illness and physical suffering. But again we repeat that you and people like you belong not only to yourselves and to your families. You are the future resources of this nation that can serve the people for years with your talents and your love for your country. For this reason we ask you wholeheartedly to end this hunger strike. The cries of your protest has reached the ears of all those who needed to hear it. Rest assured that you are not alone in this path.  Until our last breathe and until we reach our goals, we will be by each other’s side.

From the families of martyrs:

Neda Agha Soltan

Sohrab Arabi

Sattar Beheshti

Ali Hassanpour

Keramatolah  Zareiyan

Hoda Saber

Meysam Abedi

Shaharm Farajzadeh

Mohammad Kamrani

Mostafah Karim Beigi

Akbar Mohammadi

Mohammad Mokhtari

Ahmad Nejati Kargar

Javid Saeed Zeinali




Hossein Ronaghi

Khatami’s message to Hossein Ronaghi to end his hunger strike:

In the name of God

I am very disheartened that the constraints and restrictions that have existed for the people still continue today. The expectation was that with the blessed transformation that took place we would be witness to the release of prisoners and a termination of imposed limitations.

The hunger strike of Mr. Ronaghi in protest of his humanitarian and legal demands being ignored is among the cases that are very worrisome.

While hoping for the problems of those who are dear to us to be resolved, I ask Mr. Ronaghi to end his hunger strike and not jeopardize his health, because we desire his well being along with that of all other cherished ones.

Seyed Mohammad Khatami

September 3, 2013



Hossein Ronaghi

Health of Hossein Ronaghi rapidly deteriorating in prison; Tehran Prosecutor issues order for hospitalization

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – On his 26th day of hunger strike, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki’s physical condition worsens by the day. He is now inflicted with infections in his kidneys and gastrointestinal tract stemming from days of internal bleeding.

According to CHRR, as a result of days of internal bleeding with no access to proper medical care, jailed activist on hunger strike Hossein Ronaghi’s kidneys and gastrointestinal tract are now infected. On August 28, CHRR reported that Hossein was transferred to Shahid Modarres Hospital and was returned to Evin prison a few hours later. A few days prior to that on August 24, Hossein Ronaghi was transferred to Hasheminjejad Hospital where he underwent some testing and was returned to prison on the same day.

Hossein Ronaghi who was arrested on December 13 2009 endured months in solitary confinement under torture leading to his present health issues. He is inflicted with kidney disease – inflammation, infection, bleeding, damage and loss of function in his kidneys, inflammation of his prostate and bladder, bleeding in his stomach and gastrointestinal tract, frequent urination, and angina. According to the physicians who examined him, the combination of his high heart rate and low blood pressure has put him at great risk of a heart attack.

Hossein Ronaghi’s mother Zoleikha Mousavi who went on hunger strike 15 days ago in support of her ailing son is also in poor health aggravated by a prior heart condition. Numerous human rights activists have expressed their grave concern for the health of Ronaghi and his mother on hunger strike. Maziar Yadegari, human rights activist and former member of Iran Proxy who fled the country after Hossein’s arrest announced that he also launched a hunger strike across the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Vienna on August 30 in support of his friend. A few days ago officials from the Embassy of Iran engaged in a confrontation with Maziar Yadegari and after they took away signs about Hossein Ronaghi, the officials were cited a warning by Vienna police.

In the past days human rights organizations have expressed their concern for Hossein Ronaghi while demanding that the authorities in Iran grant immediate access to his medical needs. Reporters without Borders said in a statement “this human rights defender has been unjustly detained for the past four years.” The group said, “We hold judicial authority chief Sadegh Amoli Larijani, Tehran prosecutor Abas Jafari Dolatabadi and justice minister Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi responsible for the lives of Maleki and his mother.”

Amnesty International in a statement on August 30 said Hossein Ronaghi, “prisoner of conscience and blogger on hunger strike to protest his unfair detention must be released immediately and unconditionally to receive treatment as his health deteriorates.” Numerous human rights activists and organizations have written letters of support for Hossein Ronaghi and his mother, and asked that they break their hunger strike to preserve their health.

In a letter from prison to the Tehran Prosecutor, 41 prisoners testified to the very grave health of Hossein Ronaghi, and asked the Tehran Prosecutor Abas Jafari Dolatabadi to “take the steps to transfer him to a hospital where he can receive his necessary medical care.” Today the Tehran Prosecutor issued an order for the ailing blogger to be transferred from Evin prison and this time be hospitalized.


Hossein Ronaghi & mom




Hossein Ronaghi letter to Ayatollah khamenei

Hossein Ronaghi’s request to Ayatollah Khamenei: Address this grave situation.

Following is the letter by Hossein Ronaghi to Ayatollah Khamenei published in kaleme


Sep 1, 2013

Grand Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic,

Those who hear the words, and act accordingly with good grace, are the ones who are wise and guided by God.


Without introduction I hereby declare that I Hossein Ronaghi Maleki was ordered back to prison per order of the Tehran Prosecutor on May 21, 2013 despite loss of function in my kidneys and against doctors’ orders. Unfortunately during the past 3 months that I have been held behind bars, my illness has severely worsened due to the poor nutrition and inadequate prison medical facility with no access to specialized physicians who would be able to take care of my medical needs. For this reason, in protest of the blatant disregard on the part of officials for the health and the life of prisoners, I have been on hunger strike for 24 days. My mother Zoleikha Mousavi is on her 13th day of hunger strike in support of the human rights of her son. But despite this, those in charge pay no attention to my dire situation or to the condition of my mother. They are trying to make what they said become a reality; that eventually I will die in prison. This approach is immoral, against religion and against the law.

Your Excellency Ayatollah Khamenei,

I am an Iranian youth who was born and raised in this land. Contrary to the claims by some that I along with many like myself are enemies of the state, I am a young Iranian who contemplates the national interests of my people and my country. Like many of the youth of this nation, we prefer death in our own country to life anywhere else.

I have been returned to prison with kidney disease – inflammation, infection, bleeding, damage and loss of function in my kidneys, inflammation of my prostate and bladder, bleeding in my stomach and gastrointestinal tract, frequent urination, and angina. According to the physicians who examined me, the combination of my high heart rate and low blood pressure has put me at great risk of a heart attack.

I am lodging a complaint about my current situation, the imprudence of certain officials, the insistence of the interrogators from the IRGC intelligence unit and the Tehran Prosecutor to keep me in prison. I have on numerous occasions reported my condition by writing official letters to unresponsive authorities and so far I have been completely ignored. I therefore hereby declare that the direct responsibility for my life and for my suffering mother’s life lies with the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the IRGC, the interrogators of the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence unit, the Tehran Prosecutor and the judiciary of the country.

With thanks,

Seyed Hossein Ronaghi Maleki




Hossein Ronaghi

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki transferred from prison to the hospital

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Jailed blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki with gastrointestinal bleeding and in very grave health was transferred to the hospital emergency department today.

According to CHRR, his father reported that Hossein Ronaghi Maleki who is on his 20th day of hunger strike was transferred to Shahid Modarres Hospital today August 28 around 1 pm. This is his second hospital visit in less than a week; a few days ago on August 24th Hossein was transferred to the hospital and was returned behind bars after a few hours.

Hossein Ronaghi’s family shared that they provided all of Hossein’s official medical records detailing his illnesses to the authorities and still medical furlough was denied. Seyed Ahmad Ronaghi Maleki announced that he was again requesting that the Tehran Prosecutor Abas Jafari Dolatabadi either grant prison release or medical furlough for his ailing son Hossein Ronaghi so that he can receive necessary medical care. He added that no matter how many times he has visited and called the prosecutor’s office, he has not been given any answer. Ahmad Ronaghi while expressing his great worry said that if Hossein’s situation continued to be ignored his son would end up losing his life.

Blogger Hossein Ronaghi was detained on December 13, 2009 and was held in solitary confinement for over 10 months and tortured under heavy interrogations. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison stemming from his internet activities. While in prison due to the torture he endured Hossein Ronaghi was inflicted with various illnesses including loss of function in his kidneys along with gastrointestinal, heart and bladder problems.

Hossein Ronaghi launched a hunger strike on August 9 in protest of his situation being ignored by authorities. Zoleikha Mousavi, Hossein’s mother also went on hunger strike on August 20th in support of her son. The judiciary and the prosecutor’s office have so far refused to pay heed to the situation despite Hossein Ronaghi’s very grave health. In the past days, human rights organizations, activists and their families have expressed their grave concern for Ronaghi’s health and asked that the ruling apparatus grant medical furlough. In a letter from Evin prison to the prosecutor, 41 political prisoners expressed their concern and warned about the declining health of the jailed blogger.


حسين رونقي ملكي به علت خونريزي معده به بيمارستان مدرس اعزام شد


Hossein and dad