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Father of Hossein Ronaghi handed 4-month prison sentence in absentia

Hossein Ronaghi Ahmad RonaghiAhmad Ronaghi Maleki, father of political prisoner Hossein Ronaghi has been sentenced to 4 months in prison for sharing information about his son’s illness and his situation in prison.

According to the Kaleme website, Branch 116 of the Tabriz Public (criminal) Court charged Hossein Ronaghi’s father with publishing lies in cyberspace and sentenced him to 4 months in prison based on Article 698 of the Islamic Penal Code and Article 19 of the Islamic Penal Code which was adopted in 2013. The court session for Ahmad Ronaghi was conducted in absentia without his knowledge, or presence of a lawyer on his behalf.

The Tabriz Public Court operating out of its legal jurisdiction, issued the indictment based on claimed evidence provided by the Intelligence Office of East Azerbaijan Province. The Code of Criminal Procedure stipulates that interrogations must be done in the presence of the accused and the resulting documents must be signed. If the accused is illiterate, a trusted witness must sign.

Ahmad Ronaghi Maleki, whose son has confronted various illnesses as a direct result of his incarceration, is himself suffering from degenerative eye disease rendering him almost blind in one eye while the other eye has fifty percent vision. He also suffers from heart disease and has undergone surgery several times.

During the past 6 years since the arrest and imprisonment of his son, Ahmad Ronaghi Maleki has been summoned to the Tabriz Court numerous times and subjected to high-pressure interrogations in attempts to have him sign false confessions. Hossein Ronaghi’s family is constantly harassed and threatened by the Tabriz Intelligence Agency for publicizing information about the deteriorating health and situation of their incarcerated son. His brother Hassan Ronaghi has received threats to remain silent and his mother was once served with a warrant for talking about her son. His mother Zoleikha Mousavi who continues to speak out about her son despite the threats, recently shared that authorities told her the family’s efforts on behalf their son’s freedom would be futile.

In an interview with Rooz on July 6, a day after Ahmad Ronaghi was served his prison sentence, Zoleikha Mousavi said that even if her husband is taken away, the family will not remain quiet. Hossein Ronaghi’s mother said in the Rooz interview that authorities are aware that according to Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code it is unlawful to return her son to prison. She said Hossein Ronaghi’s sentence should be terminated if the judiciary conforms to what is stipulated in this penal code. She added that because of his situation, Hossein Ronaghi has a pardon from the Supreme Leader. She said the IRGC and Intelligence offices told them they are not opposed to releasing her son, yet it seems Hossein Ronaghi is being held due to a personal agenda.

Zoleikha Mousavi said that they were given 10 days to follow up on the court order for her husband. Hossein Ronaghi’s mother stressed that the family has been subjected to unceasing threats to not conduct interviews during the years but they will not back down. For his birthday, Amnesty International, which has declared Hossein Ronaghi a Prisoner Of Conscience, launched an Urgent Action Campaign demanding that he not be returned to prison. Journalism Is Not A Crime was also among international human rights groups asking that the ailing blogger not be returned to prison.

According to reports by CHRR, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, jailed blogger and human rights activist was violently arrested at his home in the city of Malekan near Tabriz on December 13, 2009 during the mass unrest following the contested presidential elections. At the time he used the penname Babak Khorramdin and worked with Iran Proxy, a group that worked towards combating Internet censorship in Iran. His brother Hassan Ronaghi Maleki was also arrested and held in solitary confinement where he was subjected to severe torture to add duress and demoralize his brother. He was released on bail after one month and suffers permanent damage to his neck and spine from the torture. Hossein Ronaghi was held for 13 months in Evin prison’s Ward 2-A [under control of IRGC] where he endured severe physical torture and psychological pressure in an effort to coerce an interview and false televised confession, which he refused. Eventually Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

While he was in perfect health when he was arrested, Ronaghi’s health has rapidly deteriorated throughout the years as a result of the torture, substandard prison conditions in Evin prison and lack of medical attention behind bars. He has endured 4 kidney operations and countless transfers to the hospital and back to prison during this time. The activist has embarked on several hunger strikes behind bars in protest of his situation along with that of other political prisoners. Despite the recommendation by the Official Forensic Office to release Hossein Ronaghi on medical grounds, he has been ordered back to prison after a short furlough. On July 5, 2015, Hossein Ronaghi’s 30th birthday, agents went to his family home and delivered the prison sentence for Ahmad Ronaghi Maleki – issued by a court session that was conducted without their knowledge.

To jailed activist Hossein Ronaghi, by his brother

Hossein Ronaghi

Hassan Ronaghi to his brother Hossein Ronaghi:
Brother, if you are now in prison with a sick body and in pain

If you tolerate your illness and your suffering

If your sickness worsens every day

If your life is in danger and your are inflicted with various diseases

If you are in prison and you have not been released

Know that Mr. Rouhani the honorable president is not aware that we have political prisoners and that you are among those who are held behind bars in poor health.

Know that while Mr. Zarif has spent half his life enjoying the United States he is not aware of the existence of prisoners of conscience and political prisoners in Iran.

Know that the judiciary is not aware that your life is in danger and that you are gravely ill.

Know that the Islamic code of human rights is not aware that you are sick and that your life is in danger behind bars, if not certainly some action would have been taken.

Of course my brother you must understand that the people of Yemen and Lebanon and Gaza are more important than the people of Iran.

If a Yemeni citizen gets sick he must be attended to as soon as possible because he is a religious brother and a human being but a political prisoner at home does not need to be saved.

: حسن رونقی به برادرش حسین رونقی ملکی
بردارم اگر تو اکنون با جسمی بیمار و رنج بیماری در زندان هستی .
اگر با درد و رنج میسازی .
اگر بیماریت روز به روز شدت پیدا میکنه
اگر جانت در خطر است و بیماریهای بسیاری تو را احاطه کرده است .

اگر در زندان هستی و آزاد نشدی

این را بدان که آقای روحانی ریس جمهور محترم خبر ندارد که زندانی سیاسی داریم و تو هم جزو آنان هستی و اکنون بیمار در زندان مانده ای .

این را بدان آقای ظریف چون نصف عمرش را درآمریکا خوش گذرانده خبر ندارد که در ایران زندانی سیاسی و عقیدتی و زندانی سیاسی بیمار هست .

این را بدان که قوه قضاییه خبر ندارد که زندانی سیاسی بیمار هستی و جانت در خطراست .

این را بدان که حقوق بشر اسلامی که دم از حقوق بشر میزند خبر ندارد که تو بیمار هستی و در زندان شرایط خوبی نداری و جانت در خطر است وگرنه حتما اقدام میکرد .

البته برادر عزیزم باید درک کنی که مردم یمن و لبنان و غزه و … از مردم ایران و زندانیان بیمار واجب ترند .

اگر در یمن یک نفر بیمار شود باید هر چه زودتر به او برسیم چون برادر دینی است و انسان است ولی زندانی سیاسی بیمار نیازی به نجات دادن ندارد .

Hassan Ronaghi: Torture via silent and slow execution in prison.

Hossein Ronaghi

Hassan Ronaghi, brother of jailed activist Hossein Ronaghi:

While Hossein is kept in custody, every minute he is held behind bars results in his health worsening.

Despite being inflicted with severe intestinal, kidney and heart disease, Hossein receives poor nutrition, has no access to his medication and is deprived of medical care in prison.

Hossein tolerates living with agonizing pain and can’t even take pain meds anymore, as they are harmful to his health. Yet nobody claims responsibility for his situation behind bars.

Hossein’s life is in danger.

My brother you are in daily pain while you are held in prison and your life is endangered. Know that we also suffer with you outside of prison and we pray that officials in charge have not forgotten their humanity and have a moral awakening.

Know this my brother; our people have not forgotten you.

اعدام خاموش توام با شکنجه در زندان

حسین در وضعیتی است که هر لحظه که در زندان میماند وضعیت بیماریش بدتر میشود .
با وجود بیماری کلیه و گوارشی و قلبی و…همچنان بدون دارو و درمان و با درد در زندان است و حتی از لحاظ تغذیه نیز در مشکل است .
حسین در زندان درد می کشد و با درد خود میسازد وکسی هم نیست که جوابگو باشد و حتی دیگر نمی تواند قرص مسکن هم بخورد چون برایش ضرر دارد .
جان حسین در خطر است .
برادرم در زندان درد میکشی و جانت در خطر است بدان که ما هم در بیرون از زندان با درد تو درد میکشیم و امیدوارم مسولین وجدانشان بیدار شود و انصافی داشته باشند و انسانیت را از یاد نبرده باشند .
ومردم خوبمان هم فراموشت نکرده اند این را بدان برادرم