To jailed activist Hossein Ronaghi, by his brother

Hossein Ronaghi

Hassan Ronaghi to his brother Hossein Ronaghi:
Brother, if you are now in prison with a sick body and in pain

If you tolerate your illness and your suffering

If your sickness worsens every day

If your life is in danger and your are inflicted with various diseases

If you are in prison and you have not been released

Know that Mr. Rouhani the honorable president is not aware that we have political prisoners and that you are among those who are held behind bars in poor health.

Know that while Mr. Zarif has spent half his life enjoying the United States he is not aware of the existence of prisoners of conscience and political prisoners in Iran.

Know that the judiciary is not aware that your life is in danger and that you are gravely ill.

Know that the Islamic code of human rights is not aware that you are sick and that your life is in danger behind bars, if not certainly some action would have been taken.

Of course my brother you must understand that the people of Yemen and Lebanon and Gaza are more important than the people of Iran.

If a Yemeni citizen gets sick he must be attended to as soon as possible because he is a religious brother and a human being but a political prisoner at home does not need to be saved.

: حسن رونقی به برادرش حسین رونقی ملکی
بردارم اگر تو اکنون با جسمی بیمار و رنج بیماری در زندان هستی .
اگر با درد و رنج میسازی .
اگر بیماریت روز به روز شدت پیدا میکنه
اگر جانت در خطر است و بیماریهای بسیاری تو را احاطه کرده است .

اگر در زندان هستی و آزاد نشدی

این را بدان که آقای روحانی ریس جمهور محترم خبر ندارد که زندانی سیاسی داریم و تو هم جزو آنان هستی و اکنون بیمار در زندان مانده ای .

این را بدان آقای ظریف چون نصف عمرش را درآمریکا خوش گذرانده خبر ندارد که در ایران زندانی سیاسی و عقیدتی و زندانی سیاسی بیمار هست .

این را بدان که قوه قضاییه خبر ندارد که زندانی سیاسی بیمار هستی و جانت در خطراست .

این را بدان که حقوق بشر اسلامی که دم از حقوق بشر میزند خبر ندارد که تو بیمار هستی و در زندان شرایط خوبی نداری و جانت در خطر است وگرنه حتما اقدام میکرد .

البته برادر عزیزم باید درک کنی که مردم یمن و لبنان و غزه و … از مردم ایران و زندانیان بیمار واجب ترند .

اگر در یمن یک نفر بیمار شود باید هر چه زودتر به او برسیم چون برادر دینی است و انسان است ولی زندانی سیاسی بیمار نیازی به نجات دادن ندارد .

Hossein Ronaghi’s brother expresses serious concern for his deteriorating health in prison.

Hossein Ronaghi


Hassan Ronaghi, brother of jailed activist Hossein Ronaghi:

Hossein’s condition is dangerous and his life is in danger; his kidney is failing, he has serious internal bleeding, intestinal issues and ulcers. Even though physicians have stressed Hossein must be hospitalized, every time he is transferred to the hospital, he returns without treatment.

Today he was again checked and the physicians stressed Hossein has acute gastric ulcers with thickened blood. But unfortunately despite the doctors’ recommendations Hossein was returned to prison without attaining any medical care.

Hossein’s life is in danger. It looks like those in charge wish to destroy Hossein and make sure he doesn’t come out of prison with his health intact.

Wishing those in charge would display some ethical behavior and humanity.
وضعیت حسین واقعا خطرناکه و جانش در خطر هست. الان کیله ش از بین رفته و خونریزی شدید داره و زخم معده حاد و غلظت خون هم جانش رو تهدید میکنه .
با وجود اینکه پزشکان اصرار بر بستری و درمان حسین دارند ولی مسولین از درمان حسین سر باز میزنند و هر دفعه که حسین را به بیمارستان میبرند همانطور بدون درمان به زندان بر میگردانند .

امروز پزشکان گفته اند که حسین کلیه ش از بین رفته و به شدت خونریزی داره و زخم معده ش حاد هست و خونش مشکل داره و غلظت پیدا کرده و براش خطرناکه ولی متاسفانه بدون توجه به توصیه پزشکان حسین به زندان برگردانده شد و جانش هر لحطه در خطر است .
ظاهرا مسولین قصد دارند حسین را با بیماری از بین ببرند و نگذارند حسین سالم از زندان بیرون بیاید .
کاش همین مسولین کمی انسانیت و وجدان به خرج بدهند .

Hassan Ronaghi: Torture via silent and slow execution in prison.

Hossein Ronaghi

Hassan Ronaghi, brother of jailed activist Hossein Ronaghi:

While Hossein is kept in custody, every minute he is held behind bars results in his health worsening.

Despite being inflicted with severe intestinal, kidney and heart disease, Hossein receives poor nutrition, has no access to his medication and is deprived of medical care in prison.

Hossein tolerates living with agonizing pain and can’t even take pain meds anymore, as they are harmful to his health. Yet nobody claims responsibility for his situation behind bars.

Hossein’s life is in danger.

My brother you are in daily pain while you are held in prison and your life is endangered. Know that we also suffer with you outside of prison and we pray that officials in charge have not forgotten their humanity and have a moral awakening.

Know this my brother; our people have not forgotten you.

اعدام خاموش توام با شکنجه در زندان

حسین در وضعیتی است که هر لحظه که در زندان میماند وضعیت بیماریش بدتر میشود .
با وجود بیماری کلیه و گوارشی و قلبی و…همچنان بدون دارو و درمان و با درد در زندان است و حتی از لحاظ تغذیه نیز در مشکل است .
حسین در زندان درد می کشد و با درد خود میسازد وکسی هم نیست که جوابگو باشد و حتی دیگر نمی تواند قرص مسکن هم بخورد چون برایش ضرر دارد .
جان حسین در خطر است .
برادرم در زندان درد میکشی و جانت در خطر است بدان که ما هم در بیرون از زندان با درد تو درد میکشیم و امیدوارم مسولین وجدانشان بیدار شود و انصافی داشته باشند و انسانیت را از یاد نبرده باشند .
ومردم خوبمان هم فراموشت نکرده اند این را بدان برادرم

Letter by father of Hossein Ronaghi to Tehran’s Chief Prosecutor

Hossein Ronaghi MalekiIn a letter to Tehran’s Chief Prosecutor, father of ailing activist and blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki addressed his son’s medical situation behind bars.

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Hossein Ronaghi who was detained in 2009 following the disputed presidential election results has since suffered serious health issues as a result of the torture he endured in prison. Behind bars Ronaghi was inflicted with multiple ailments, went through seven operations and lost function in one kidney. In very poor health, he was released on medical furlough in September 2014. On February 28, 2015 he was without warning or legal explanation ordered back behind bars to serve his remaining 15-year sentence. He is now held in Ward 7 of Tehran’s Evin prison.

With over a month since his last transfer to prison, Hossein Ronaghi has been deprived of his medication and has not received any medical treatment, resulting in the further deterioration of his health.

Following is the letter provided to CHRR, written to the Chief Prosecutor by Ahmad Ronaghi Maleki regarding his ailing son’s medical situation.

April 6, 2015

Honorable Chief Prosecutor of the Public and Tehran Revolutionary Court, Mr. Jafari Dolatabadi,


Without consulting us authorities are planning on transferring my son Hossein Ronaghi to Shohadaye Tajrish Educational Hospital and I cannot allow my son to be taken to this medical facility without being accompanied by us.

We are concerned that officials might prescribe treatments and inject Hossein with medications that further endanger his health and they could have plans to end Hossein’s life in this manner. I have informed prison officials along with the Prison Inspections Agency and Mrs. Hassani at the Office of Prosecution Follow-Ups that Shohadaye Tajrish is a teaching hospital with no specialty in kidney treatment.

I have asked in the past that they not transfer my son Hossein to any hospital without my permission. I must be updated about my son’s medical situation and be involved in the decisions made pertaining to his health. Since my son needs hospitalization again, it is imperative that I follow-up in a speedy manner in order to prevent what happened last time in the hands of officials resulting in my son losing function in one of his kidneys.

During the past month Hossein’s transfer to a medical facility has been prohibited and he has not been given any of his medication, resulting in his health plunging further. Now that Hossein’s health has worsened as a direct result of the actions of certain officials, they want to take him to the teaching center of Shohadaye Tajrish Educational Hospital, a facility with no expertise in Hossein’s condition.

Last time he was taken to Baqiyatallah Hospital, physicians had made recommendations for Hossein to be hospitalized and undergo surgery, and documents for his treatment were available. But unfortunately we were not informed of this and everything was concealed from us, leading to Hossein losing function in one kidney. The officials involved were directly responsible for worsening Hossein’s physical condition.

I have contacted the Prosecutor’s office, the Prisons Inspection Agency, and prison authorities and told them I will not allow my child to be admitted to Shohadaye Tajrish Hospital. They must let us know when they plan on transferring Hossein to a hospital so that we can be by his side. For we do not trust some of the officials and if we are not present they could use the opportunity to get rid of Hossein.

My request from the honorable Prosecutor is for a speedy inquiry in order to prevent further endangerment of my son’s life, and for an end to his incarceration as soon as possible.

Seyed Ahmad Ronaghi Maleki Father of political prisoner, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

دادستان محترم دادسرای عمومی و انقلاب تهران جناب آقای جعفری دولت آبادی

۱۷/۱/۹۴ با سلام فرزندم حسین رونقی را بدون هماهنگی و بدون اینکه به ما خبر بدهند به بیمارستان شهدای تجریش میخواهند ببرند و بنده به عنوان پدر حسین رونقی اجازه نمی دهم بدون حضور ما حسین را به مرکز درمانی و آموزشی شهدای تجریش ببرند .

ما نگران هستیم که شاید دارو و یا آمپولی در آن بیمارستان به دستور برخی مسولین دیگر به حسین تجویز کنند که جان حسین را به خطر بیاندازد و شاید قصد از بین بردن حسین را از این طریق داشته باشند .چرا که شهدای تجریش مرکز پزشکی و آموزشی میباشد و هیچ گونه امکانات تخصصی برای درمان کلیه در آن وجود ندارد . وبا وجود اینکه به مسولین زندان و سازمان بازرسی زندانهای کشورو نیز دفتر پیگیری دادستانی خانم حسنی نیز گفته ام .

قبلا گفته ام که فرزند م حسین را بدون اجازه بنده به بیمارستان انتقال ندهند وبا هماهنگی بنده که در نزد پسرم باشم و ما هم از حال و وضعیت حسین آگاه شویم که اگر نیاز به درمان و بستری باشد پیگیر باشم و فرزندم را زودتر درمان نمایم تا مانند دفعه قبل توسط برخی مسولین فرزندم کلیه دیگرش را از دست ندهد و مشکل دیگری برایش ایجاد نشود .

در این یک ماه اجازه درمان وانتقال به بیمارستان ندادند و حتی نگذاشتند دارویی به حسین داده شود و این امر باعث شده حسین وضعیتش بدتر شود و حال بعد از آنکه بیماری حسین به دلیل عملکرد برخی مسولین بدتر شده است می خواهند حسین را بدون هماهنگی به مرکز آموزشی و درمانی شهدای تجریش که هیچ گونه امکانات تخصصی ندارد ببرند.

چرا که قبلا هم که به بیمارستان بقیه الله برده بودند و پزشکان نوشته بودند که حسین هر چه زودتر باید بستری و عمل جراحی و درمان شود و مدارک نیز موجود است ولی متاسفانه به ما خبر نداده بودند و قایم کرده بودند که این امرباعث شد حسین کلیه ش را از دست بدهد و عامل به خطر افتادن جان حسین و بدتر شدن وضعیتش بعضی مسولین مربوطه بودند .

بنده با دفتر پیگیری دادستانی و سازمان بازرسی زندانها ی کشورو مسولین زندان تماس گرفتم و گفتم اجازه نمی دهم فرزندم را به بیمارستان شهدای تجریش ببرند و در زمان انتقال به بیمارستان باید به ماخبر بدهند تا در کنار حسین باشیم چرا که به بعضی از مسولین اعتماد نداریم و امکان دارد دستور بدهند بلایی سر پسرم بیاورند و از نبودن ما در کنار حسین به عنوان فرصتی برای از بین بردن حسین استفاده نمایند .

از داداستان محترم تقاضای رسیدگی فوری و قانونی را تقاضامندم تا جان فرزندم بیشتر از این در خطر نباشد و تقاضای آزادی هر چه زودتر فرزندم را دارم .

سید احمد رونقی ملکی پدر زندانی سیاسی حسین رونقی ملکی

Norouz message from mother of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

Hossein Ronaghi & mother

Zoleikha Mousavi, mother of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki shared the following message for Norouz:

As long as I’m alive I will not have a moment of peace. The day my son was kidnapped from me, my heart was penetrated with the weight of all the pain in the world. This is the 6th year I spend the New Year without the presence of my son Hossein.

Six years have gone by and every year I ask God how I can handle this sorrow and pain.

Only a mother can grasp how I feel these days.

But know that maintaining honor is the reward for speaking of principles, and our children shall remain honorable.

I wish a happy New Year to all Iranians, specially the suffering mothers, the prisoners, and their families.

:متن پیام مادر حسین رونقی به مناسبت فرارسیدن عید نوروز و سال نو

تا زنده ام لحظه ای آرام نخواهم گرفت ، روزی که پسرم را از من ربودند ، تمام غم عالم بر قلبم فروریخت ، و اکنون 6 سال است که عید را بدون حضور فرزند دلبندم حسین می گذرانم…
شش سال شد و هر سال می گویم خداوندا ، چه سازم با غمش؟
حال و روز مرا فقط یک مادر می تواند درک کند…

اما بدانید که پاداش حرف حق زدن سربلندی است ، و فرزندان ما سربلند می مانند…
سال نو را به همه مردم ایران بخصوص مادران داغدار و زندانیان و خانواده هایشان تبریک می گویم…

Arrest and building case against Mohammad Yousefi

The “Black Spider” project extends to student activists.

Mohammad Yousefi

Mohammad Yousefi, graduate student at Tehran’s Amirkabir University majoring in shipbuilding has for two months been quietly held in detention controlled by the IRGC while officials of the Cyber Police are creating a case against the former Green activist.

According to Daneshjoonews, the commander of the Cyber Police security forces in a statement announced the arrest of a 37-year old Amirkabir University student referred to as “M.Y.”

The Cyber Police report said the arrest of Mohammad Yousefi was an outcome of a program called “Spider Project” uncovering management of Facebook pages that contain content with opposing values to that of the regime.

The Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in its report claims Mohammad Yousefi “in his posts ridiculed the highest values and holy figures of the Shiite religion.”

The criminal case against the former student activist is due to the alleged management of “fake” Facebook pages associated with several artists, soccer players, and famous personalities and harassing them.

New Cyber Police security project called “Spider”:

Student activist and former Green political prisoner

Mohammad Yousefi, student at Amirkabir University (Tehran Polytechnic) was arrested previously in 2009 and spent some time behind bars in Evin prison.

The Cyber Police in its report refers to the ’09 arrest of the student activist, saying “the accused has a prior record of arrest by security forces during the time of sedition activities and has close ties to sedition collaborators. He played a large role in fomenting social unrest in cyberspace after the time of sedition.” Mohammad Yousefi was released in May 2010 after spending more than five months behind bars.

Intelligence agents detained the Green activist on December 7, 2009 as he attempted to enter the Amirkabir University campus. He was held in Ward 209 of Evin prison for some time during harsh interrogations before being transferred to Ward 350 of the facility. Judge Salavati sentenced him to four years imprisonment on the charge of “assembly and collusion against national security.”

Majid Tavakoli, another student activist from Amirkabir University was arrested at the same time and Yousefi was put under great pressure by security forces for his friendship with Tavakoli.

Due to a lack of proper paperwork, Branch 54 of the Court of Appeals later lowered Yousefi’s sentence to a 5-year suspended prison term and he was released after spending 161 days behind bars.

The silence and secrecy of Intelligence forces regarding Mohammad Yousefi’s detainment indicates that they are building a case against the former student activist.

The Cyber Police in the same report revealed the arrest of another individual referred to as “Ae.R.”

Source: Daneshjoonews

Mahdieh Golru released after three months in detention.

Mahdieh Golru was released today on 700 million tomans bail after spending three months in temporary detention.

The student activist who is banned from continuing her education at Allameh University was detained on October 26 during a raid of her home by IRGC forces. Several days before her arrest Golru had taken part in a peaceful gathering outside the Tehran parliament building in protest of the acid attacks that had taken place on women in Isfahan. To date the perpetrators have not been apprehended.

After Golru’s arrest a group of close to 700 civil activists signed a letter to president Rouhani urging him to exercise his power and apply the law to secure her immediate release.

Other groups within the country and abroad also voiced their concern and demanded that authorities release the activist. Amnesty International in an “urgent action” said the prisoner of conscience had not been given access to a lawyer during prolonged interrogations and demanded her unconditional release.

Previous to her last arrest, Mahdieh Golru who had been detained several times during the past years was released on May 19, 2012 after enduring 30 months behind bars stemming from her peaceful activism. The ban on her education was not lifted after her release despite her efforts.

It is noteworthy that the past weeks have seen a new wave of arrests targeting women’s rights and student activists. Among those recently detained by Intelligence agents are Zahra Khandan and Saha Mortezayi from Amirkabir University, and Fereshteh Toosi from Allameh University.

Source: Daneshjoonews

Mahdieh Golru