Letter by mother of Hossein Ronaghi to Ayatollah Khamenei; I can’t be witness to the suffering of my innocent son in prison

Hossein Ronaghi’s mother Zoleikha Mousavi has written a letter to Ayatollah Khamenei urging him to look into the situation of her jailed and ailing son.
The letter as  provided to Kaleme today is as follows:


Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic


I am Zoleikha Mousavi, mother Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, political prisoner who has spent 4 years in prison in unsuitable conditions while very sick with kidney disease. As a mother who has taken the responsibility of my son’s affairs, I have lost hope in all the authorities at the Prosecutor’s office and the judiciary, so I resort to writing to your Excellency in order to save my son’s life. In 2009 after the presidential elections, officials from the Intelligence Ministry violently detained our son in front of our eyes and when they raided our residence they did not keep the sanctity of our home. Without a warrant they forcibly took Hossein from our home and we spent months aimlessly searching while trying to find out what they had done with our son. We have consistently followed up on Hossein’s situation to no avail and to this day nobody has given us answers.

My son was healthy and after they imprisoned him he was inflicted with various illnesses – and now they don’t allow furlough in order to receive needed medical attention! Does Islam say to imprison an innocent human being and torture him? Even the prophet had mercy on his enemies who were sick. Why does the Tehran Prosecutor General treat my son like an enemy when Hossein’s sickness is a direct result of the tortures inflicted on him in prison? Are you aware that people such as Mr. Khodabakhsh, the Deputy Tehran Prosecutor always treats us with utter disrespect, does not give us any answers and says, “Your son will finally die in prison?”  What has my son and other political prisoners been accused of that they are treated in this way? They were concerned about their people and their country and we should be proud of them not throw them in prison.

I am a tolerant mother. I am a mother who was threatened by interrogators who said that they would take my daughters away too but I can’t be witness to my son suffering in prison. These past four years have bee the most difficult times for us and there is no one that will hear our words and come to our aid. Hossein underwent seven surgeries while he was incarcerated and every time against physicians’ orders they returned him to prison and he ended up getting sick all over again. He has refused his medication in prison for almost 2 months in protest of the lack of attention of those in charge. He is not willing to self medicate and because of this he is in extremely poor health. As a mother I ask your Excellency to attend to the situation of my innocent jailed son whose life is in danger. The law says a sick person should not be kept in prison but for reasons unbeknownst to us the Tehran Prosecutor is breaking the law. I ask your Excellency to prevent these law breaking actions and order that my son’s situation be taken care of.

With respect,

Zoleikha Mousavi, mother of political prisoner Hossein Ronaghi


Zoleikha Mousavi

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