Letter by families of political prisoners to Hossein Ronaghi asking him to end his hunger strike

Hello dear Hossein!

We will not ask how you are doing because we know you are not well. We are not well either with the distressing news that we receive every moment.

We will keep it short. Without preamble, unceremonious and unassuming. The reason for this letter to you is that you have to end your hunger strike immediately. You have no other choice because we know that your cherished mother’s well being is more precious to you than any food or drink. Your life is reaching its most dangerous moments. This is because of you and decisions made by those with a heart of stone who are in charge of the body, soul and health of prisoners. But the hands of those who are trusted with valuables will not soften and you have to think of your mother’s pain, our dear child.

We will keep it short and say we desperately want you to open your mouth to food and wine, to let go knowing the fight continues but at least your worry for your mother can be appeased.

This is what all the mothers, spouses, and children of the political prisoners want from you, the one who knows well the taste of pain. Our beloved child, for our sake and for that of your mother, please do not discharge any more pain than you already have.

Let us handle the IRGC intelligence unit and the judiciary, and you save yourself and your mother from doom.

With well wishes for you, your mother, and ourselves who are used to the oppression inflicted on us by tyrants.

The families of political prisoners

September 4, 2013




Hossein Ronaghi & mother

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