Hossein Ronaghi’s letter announcing the end of his hunger strike

In the name of God the Merciful

Dear noble people of Iran

If our tribulations stem from wanting freedom

When there is illness there is no shame in sadness

I Seyed Hossein Ronaghi Maleki went on hunger strike on August 9, 2013 in protest of the blatant disregard for the life and health of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience on the part of officials; failure to address the medical needs of sick prisoners; mounting pressure on my family; arbitrary and illegal transfer of political prisoners to substandard prison facilities among criminals; number of prisoners being held incommunicado with no news of their condition; and in protest of the oppression and disregard for the law – so that the public is aware and responsible officials commit to listening to our grievances. During this path my mother and several of my friends supported me by also going on hunger strike so that we can be stronger in being the voice of the innocent and pointing to the human rights abuse of prisoners.

Now in consideration of my mother’s deteriorating physical condition while she supported me in this path as she did in previous occasions; the physicians’ concerns about the irreparable damage to my body; with respect to the wish of Seyed Mohammad Khatami and the dear daughters of Mousavi; my honorable cellmates; prisoners of conscience, political prisoners and their families; the mothers and families of the nation’s martyr’s; the group of activists; the artists; journalists and bloggers; mourning mothers; with gratitude to the empathy and compassion of friends, acquaintances and countrymen; with appreciation of friends and countrymen who went on hunger strike in my support in front of Iranian embassies in various countries; the evident empathy of  the civil society; the Green movement that is alive; the spirit of the Iranian people that is compassionate and peaceful – I am ending my hunger strike after 28 days.

Since one of my goals in embarking on this hunger strike was to carry the voice of the innocent prisoners of conscience and political prisoners to the ears of officials and the people, and protest the lawlessness and injustices committed against the prisoners, with awareness of the sensitivity of the public opinion to the oppression against my family, I am glad that despite being physically weak and very ill, I was able to take this difficult road even though I have suffered grave physical damage.

The end of this hunger strike does not point to an end of legitimate demands and does not point to the end of objecting to the current situation, and during my imprisonment despite the danger of the maladies imposed on me stemming from my incarceration I will continue my protest by still refusing to take my medication. I hope those in charge pay attention to the plight of political prisoners and their families and acknowledge that the prison environment is not conducive to the needs of a person inflicted with disease, and they stop endangering the lives of ailing political prisoners by ignoring their condition.

In conclusion while I ask my mother and my friends to end their hunger strike, I will reiterate that the full responsibility of any incident or adverse event that comes about stemming from the insistence of authorities to keep me in prison causing my refusal to take medication in protest, and the lack of attention to my condition, rests fully on the shoulders of judicial authorities and those in charge, who through their negligence have created the current dire circumstances for me and for other prisoners.


Hossein Ronaghi

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