41 prisoners make statement to Tehran Prosecutor: Hossein Ronaghi’s condition is dangerous

41 political prisoners in Evin Prison’s Ward 350 in a witness statement warned the Tehran Prosecutor that Hossein Ronaghi who has been on hunger strike for over 2 weeks is in very poor health and if the officials continue being unresponsive and negligent they could turn a bad situation into a catastrophe.

According to Kaleme on Friday August 9, after authorities refused to pay attention when doctors recommended furlough, Hossein Ronaghi embarked on a hunger strike and announced that he was also protesting the situation of other prisoners behind bars. Ronaghi wrote a letter to the Tehran Prosecutor at that time and detailed his reasons for going on hunger strike.

When authorities continued to ignore his needs and refused to talk to his family, Ronaghi’s mother Zoleikha Mousavi also went on hunger strike on Tuesday August 20 in support of her son. She said that she tried everything to no avail and was left with no other option besides going on hunger strike.

The full text of the letter provided to Keleme, signed on August 22 and copied to the Tehran Prosecutor is as follows:

Greetings Tehran Prosecutor,

With respect we would like to inform you that we the below signatories announce that with Hossein Ronaghi’s physical condition plunging to dangerous levels, his life is at risk with every passing moment and he is now in a great danger. After his 2009 arrest Hossein Ronaghi Maleki was inflicted with kidney disease, inflammation of the prostate and bladder, gastrointestinal bleeding, and angina with chest pains.

You are no doubt very well aware that these types of patients must be under constant medical care but unfortunately the disregard and negligence on the part of those in charge has reached a point that a very bad situation can turn into a catastrophe. It must be mentioned that 14 days have gone by since his hunger strike.

Please before the physical condition of Hossein Ronaghi Maleki reaches a critical point with the damage done, take the steps to transfer him to a hospital where he can receive his necessary medical care.

Thursday August 22, 2013

Names of Signatories:

1-    Hassan Assadi Zeidabadi

2-    Seyed Mohammad Ebrahimi

3-    Amir Islami

4-    Reza Entezari

5-    Ibrahim Babayi

6-    Mostafa Badkoobei

7-    Emad Bahavar

8-    Omid Behrouzi

9-    Ghorban BezadianNejad

10- Seyed Alireza Beheshti Shirazi

11- Kamyar Parsa

12-Masoud Pedram

13- Mehdi Tajik

14- Amin Chalaki

15- Ali Khodabakhsh

16- Mostafa Daneshjoo

17- Mohammad Davari

18- Amir Khosro Dalirsani

19- Hootan Dolati

20- Mohammad Sadegh Rabbani Amlashi

21- Alireza Rajai

22- Mohammad Rezai

23- Alireza Roshan

24- Mostafa Rismanbaf

25- Hossein Zariyati

26- Mehrdad Sarjooyi

27- Mostafa Abdi

28- Feizollah Arabsorkhi

29- Siyamak Ghaderi

30- Afshin Kermpour

31- Hamid Karvasi

32- Omid Koukabi

33- Saeed Madani

34- Hamid Reza Moradi

35- Yaeghoub Maleki

36- Abdollah Momeni

37- Mohsen Mirdamadi

38- Seyed Ahmad Hashemi

39- Mohammad Amin Hadavi

40- Farshid Yadollahi

41- Mohammad Hassan Yousef Pourseifi




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