Hossein Ronaghi Maleki: letter to my mother

Hossein Ronagh’s letter to his mother regarding his quest for human rights.


Greetings my beloved mother who means more than life to me!

I know there is no need for introductions when speaking to you. In all these painful years you have respected my beliefs and along with other mothers like yourself, you supported your child’s endeavor to obtain dignity and freedom for our motherland, our beloved Iran. You have given your support even though your efforts have been the source of grief, anxiety and much hardship.

Mother! You know that suppressing a person by designating him/her as a political prisoner is leveraged as the ultimate pressure upon those who do not forgo their promise of making a contribution towards freedom of our nation. But the authoritarians who tell lies and rule through dictatorship are well aware that they cannot impose their wishes on us by force. Those who in the name of religion drew the people’s blood during the sacred month, generated the atrocity at Kahrizak, tortured the children of Iran and imprisoned them, are well aware that one day they will have to answer to their actions. According to what God has conveyed in the Quran, all tyrants will suffer the consequences of their evil deeds.

My dear mother! I look at you and I see the result of the tumultuous times drawn upon your face. In your eyes I see the yearning, the pain and the grief. On the one hand I hate myself for being the catalyst of your suffering and on the other hand I am comforted knowing that you did not raise me to be weak and helpless.

Mother as a result of the principles and ideals that you instilled in me and taught me to honor, I have been able to journey through the darkest days. You were tenacious and you taught me perseverance. You told me these days would pass and eventually each would have their day. In the last days of my solitary confinement you told me about the women’s ward, the female prisoners and their gallant courage. With your melancholy voice you led me to serenity and I became calm. It was as simple as that.

My devoted mother! Do you recall how a little while ago in the aftermath of the Azerbaijan earthquake you stayed up till dawn packaging the items for the victims, and instead of trying to dissuade me from going to the earthquake stricken area, you supported and encouraged me? Even after my arrest and the difficult plight that ensued you never said, “You made a mistake, Hossein!” When I was embarking on my journey to the earthquake stricken region, despite the worry in your eyes you saw me off with your blessing. Despite the considerable torment and suffering you have endured, you told me of the displaced and destitute earthquake stricken people with no shelter in the bitter cold. In the face of all the oppression that you have sustained, it is still you who has not forgone your sense of responsibility and deep compassion.

My devoted mother! When the human blood is spilled because of power and tyranny, the cries will turn forceful and rise into storms. Yes, from the anonymous homes, to the empty tables, to the wails of mothers, to the locks of prison, to yesterday’s grief, to the bloody present, to the joyful tomorrow, flame to flame, chain to chain, a hurricane will be formed that will break the shackles of bondage. Tyranny will be destroyed and its corrupt ideology will be exposed. That is the day when freedom will emerge and liberate the oppressed people.

My kind-hearted mother! Freedom is a human right and at its helm is dignity and humanity. There are scores of men and women who have endured prison and torture in the path towards a taste of freedom and justice. And I am another one of them. Imprisonment is not the answer to free expression. I will continue my protest in prison against the disregard for the law and criminal behavior of the oppressor; I will never be silent vis-à-vis the repression and injustice that is taking place. I will continue my protest by hunger strike, which is the last resort in demanding the most basic human rights when the ruling apparatus pays no heed to our cries. With hopes that just like before the people of my country will hear our cries and give their support to my companions and me.

Do not shed tears; I have faith that brighter days await us.

Your son Hossein

Evin Prison

Tuesday, November 7, 2012

The meaning of life for me is being with you

Close, far

Full, hungry

Yearning, joyful

Lest! The moment that is without you

The notion of my death

In your honor, by your side

Is the expression of your life

And the meaning of love

In the long run

With you, always with you, living for you

Oh land of mine!

~Fereydoon Moshiri



Hossein Ronaghi & mother

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