Cancer stricken prisoner barred from hospital transfer

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Asghar Ghatan, 60-year old political prisoner stricken with cancer has been denied a transfer to the hospital by the prosecutor’s office and prison officials.

According to CHRR, despite the physicians’ recommendations for hospitalization, the efforts on the part of Asghar Ghatan’s family, and coming up with the 400 million Toman bail money, not only was Mr. Ghatan denied temporary release on medical furlough, he was not allowed a transfer to the hospital.

This political prisoner who suffers from several ailments including hyperlipidemia, kidney disease and heart failure has many times been in such a bad physical state in prison that he was not even able to move. Due to his various illnesses he takes about 30 pills a day to survive.

Asghar Ghatan, political prisoner who was arrested in the 1980’s when thousands of activists were arrested and massacred by the regime, served 6 years in prison before being released in 1991. When he was detained again he was handed a 5.5-year prison sentence and has been serving his term behind bars in Evin prison since 2010.


ممانعت دادستانی از اعزام زندانی مبتلا به سرطان به بیمارستان


Evin prison

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