Hossein Ronaghi’s mother: Judicial authorities are ignoring my son’s dire situation

Zoleikha Mousavi in an interview with Kaleme while expressing her worry said, “Hossein started a hunger strike on Friday August 9, but no matter how much we follow-up, the judicial authorities give us no answers. If they continue to ignore us, and keep my son behind bars in the next few days I will also launch a hunger strike in front of the prosecutors office and maybe this way somebody will hear our voice.

On Sunday Seyed Ronaghi wrote a letter from Ward 350 to his former cellmate Abolfazl Abedini who had been illegally transferred to Ahvaz prison 2 weeks prior and is still on hunger strike. In it he said, “I know that our determination and perseverance will cultivate the future children of this land. I am therefore unable to stand in the way of your protest and your conviction. I can’t tell you to think of your own health and your own life when in these arduous days you have no companion by your side that can be your voice. We are waves that are lacking tranquility.”

According to Kaleme in his letter the activist while expressing his support for Abolfaz Abedini said, “I am launching a hunger strike in protest of those in charge ignoring the health of political prisoners, the lack of medical needs for jailed political prisoners who are sick, the relentless pressure on my family, the arbitrary transfer of innocent political prisoners, the placement of political prisoners in inhumane environments, holding some political prisoners behind bars incommunicado, and the continuation of illegal and violent engagements.”

About two weeks before writing the letter, Kaleme had reported on Abedini’s transfer from Evin to Karoon prison. Abolfaz Abedini testified before the magistrate investigating the cause of death of blogger Sattar Beheshti while in the custody of the police force. Abolfazl Abedini who had been assured of no repercussions for his testimony was suddenly transferred from Evin prison to Karoon prison in Ahvaz. He immediately launched a hunger strike in protest of his illegal transfer and announced that he would stay on hunger strike until his return to Evin prison.”

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki’s mother discussed the illegal control of their phones due to the family talking to media outlets. “Since the day Hossein launched his hunger strike they constantly shut off my and my husband’s phones to prevent us from talking about our son’s situation. Is this type of illegal behavior acceptable? If foreign television and media outlets do not get in touch how do we carry our voices to those in charge? They have left us no option. If they give us permission, we will talk to media outlets within Iran and discuss our grievances, but they do not allow us.”

Zoleikha Mousavi said her son’s physical state is not good.  “Hossein is on his 7th day of hunger strike and still we have not been able to obtain his needed medical furlough. Hossein is very sick and he has a lot of physical issues that must be dealt with. We are extremely worried about him because he has kidney disease, he has bladder inflammation and prostate disease, he has gallstones and ulcers – and under these conditions he is on hunger strike.”

She said, “His father went to visit him on Monday and Hossein shared that his kidneys are bleeding. His father said Hossein was very week and did not have the energy to speak. Hossein’s physical state is not good but he insists that he will not break his hunger strike. It has become the norm that judicial authorities with no value for the lives of political prisoners completely ignore their situation. I ask the judicial authorities to follow-up on this situation of Hossein and other prisoners the same way they would their own children. I ask why my must innocent youth spend years of their lives behind bars in prison?”



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