Sattar Beheshti’s mother: our lawyer forced into silence but Hossein Ronaghi ready to testify in court

Sahamnews – In an interview with Saham, Sattar Beheshti’s mother again demanded a follow-up of the file for her son’s death and said that political prisoner Hossein Ronaghi Maleki is willing to testify in court as to what happened to Sattar Beheshti while in detention.

Gohar Eshghi in an answer to a question regarding the murder of her son said, “We do not have any information on Sattar’s court dossier. Our lawyer was summoned on Wednesday and warned not to grant any interviews! I want to know, why? Is it because she defended an innocent young one?”

Sattar Beheshti’s mother said, “Mrs. Pourfazel is a champion, a lioness who had the courage to defend an innocent youth. Now they have forced her to consent to not granting any interviews! Assuming they have managed to silence her voice, what do they think they can do with the voice of a mother in anguish? I am Sattar’s mother and I am afraid of nothing!”

Sattar Beheshti’s mother divulged that on Wednesday, the Ministry of Intelligence summoned Mrs. Pourfazel, lawyer of Sattar Beheshti to their offices and forced her to agree to not granting any interviews about Sattar’s case to domestic or international media outlets.

Mrs. Eshghi said regarding having a new witness willing to testify regarding the circumstances of Sattar’s death, “Mr. Hossein Ronaghi came to our home [while on medical furlough from prison] and told us he was wiling to testify to the fact that when Sattar was transferred to Evin prison he was in a very grim psychological and physical state. Hossein Ronaghi said Sattar Beheshti had been severely tortured and had recounted to him that his [Sattar’s] interrogators told him they would kill him.”

On the night that Sattar Beheshti was transferred to Evin temporarily from the detention center where he had been interrogated, several prisoners witnessed visible signs of severe torture on his body. Beheshti told the prisoners that his interrogator had threatened to kill him.

Sattar Beheshti’s mother continued, “I am a mother who lived for her son, he was my whole life, he was my everything. I am this Sattar’s mother; kill me too. If you kill me too, there will be people who will continue to carry my voice to the world. I will say again that Sattar was an Iranian citizen who was not affiliated with any organization. He died for his country by the hands of the FATA police.”

Gohar Eshghi posed a question to the ruling establishment. ”Why is it that when Hossein Ronaghi was prepared to testify in court, he was instead transferred back to prison?”

According to Sattar Beheshti’s mother, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki met with the Beheshti family while he was on furlough and told them he was prepared to testify in court regarding Sattar’s murder while in detention, and what he witnessed the night he had seen Sattar in Evin prison. But instead Ronaghi Maleki was soon after summoned back behind bars at Evin prison.

Gohar Eshghi discussed the statements by the Judiciary spokesman regarding Sattar Beheshti’s case. “My Sattar was not afraid of anything. My Sattar died under torture. My Sattar died under the torture inflicted by the Fattah police force. My Sattar had no fear. My Sattar was a champion. At Evin prison, many prisoners witnessed signs of severe torture on Sattar’s body. Sattar died under torture.”

Last Monday the Attorney General of the country said in an answer to a question posed during a news conference that the case for Sattar Beheshti’s death had not gone to court yet.

Sattar Beheshti was detained in his home at Robat Karim (outside Tehran) in November 2012 and died while in custody at the police force detention center a few days later.

According to a report by the Medical Examiner’s Organization, “During the period between November 4, 2012 until May 2013, a 7-person commission and a 9-person commission were formed and their findings were presented to the magistrate. According to the findings in the forensics report, we cannot confirm that Sattar Beheshti’s cause of death was physical torture; per the indicated findings Sattar’s death was due to psychological factors.”

With months gone by since the death of Sattar Beheshti while in custody of the police force, the case for his cause of death has yet to be presented in court. During this time in several interviews Sattar’s mother has demanded a fair investigation into the unexplained death of her son. She has also made many formal requests to the ruling establishment for transparency and to set the motions to forward the case to court in a timely manner.

مادر ستار بهشتی: از وکیلمان تعهد گرفتند برای سکوت / حسین رونقی آماده شهادت دادن در دادگاه است

Sattar Beheshti

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