The heat of summer in the heart of Rajai Shahr

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Rajai Shahr prison, which consists of cells formed in aisles across each other in hallways, has always faced issues with its cooling system. Each ward has only 2 cooling units on each end of the hallway, which is not close to being capable of cooling the whole area in a sufficient manner.

According to CHRR, due to the difficult situation, which is ignored by prison officials, a group of political prisoners decided to use their own private funds towards buying additional air-conditioning units for the wards, but their solution has been ignored.

The tiny 2-meter cells in the prison have small hatches and no windows, therefore blocking the possibility of any airflow into the units. Despite not getting any air all day, the prisoners are allowed only 2 hours of fresh air a day with the times changing every other week; 3pm – 5pm and 12pm – 2pm (during the hottest time of the day).

The substandard living conditions and lack of access to basic facilities has caused prisoners, their families, and activists to publicly voice their grievances during the past years.


داغ تابستان در سینهٔ رجایی شهر

Rajai Shahr prison

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