Judicial decree to collect the bail money for activist Behzad Mehrani

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Human rights activist Behzad Mehrani’s home that was used for collateral for his bail was set for sale by the ruling apparatus before reaching an agreement for cash payments. Per the orders of the Ministry of Justice of the Islamic Republic, on August 21, 2012, an agreement was reached for cash payments in lieu of seizing the parental home of Behzad Mehrani, member of Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

In an interview with CHRR, human rights activist Behzad Mehrani said that for the past 10 months, his family has paid 1.150 million Tomans monthly to the Islamic Republic. His family also paid a down payment of 10.5 million Tomans that they put together by selling property and depleting their funds.

The political activist talked to CHRR about why he did not disclose the order for cash payments prior to now. “My family was warned about divulging any news about the cash payments they were obligated to pay, and they were told to keep quite. I didn’t talk about any of this until now in order to protect my family in Iran. I was hoping that if I accede to the demands of the Islamic Republic, the monthly payments that are unfeasible for my family would be reduced.”

Behzad Mehrani was arrested on March 3, 2010 in Karaj and was held in solitary confinement for 45 days at Rajai Shahr prison before being released on 50 million Tomans bail. The Karaj Revolutionary Court handed Mehrani a one-year prison sentence on the charges of “membership in illegal groups”, and “acting against national security.” Due to his prison sentence and continued harassment by the IRGC, Mehrani escaped the Islamic Republic and now lives in the United States.


وثیقه ۵۰ میلیونی بهزاد مهرانی ضبط شده است

Judicial mandate to collect the bail money for activist Behzad Mehrani

Behzad Mehrani

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