Dialogue with my callous interrogator

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki:

I know you read it therefore I will write it so you can know, and be acquainted with the guy who said very honestly, “We are worried about Iran and Iranians, we are not the enemy!”

On the first day you told me, “We will not hold you more than 48 hours, just cooperate with us!” I said, “I will stay for 6 months but I will be myself.”

You lied. You kept me in solitary confinement of the security ward for 13 months!


During the sentencing you said, “We will not give you more than a 2-year prison sentence!” I said, “I am ready for 6 years!”

You lied. You handed me 15-year prison sentence!


I was sick and you told me you would transfer me to the best hospital in Tehran and ensure my medical treatment. I said, “Give me a little time to regain my health and I will be at your disposal again.”

As always, you lied!


I was on prison furlough. You said, “We achieved our goal which was to crush Iran Proxy. We know you are not our enemy. A 15-year prison sentence is too heavy and we will not return you to prison.” I said, “You determine what will happen to me!”

You lied. You are taking me back to the ward.


But I am still hopeful that one day I will see a compassionate and honest interrogator because I believe that under every circumstance, a person can change and be human.

The fact is that a tortured soul does not need blood [revenge].


Hossein Ronaghi

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