Behnam Ebrahimzadeh’s son hospitalized again

Committee of Human Rights Reporters –   Nima Ebrahimzadeh, son of labor activist Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, was hospitalized again on Saturday April 27th at Mahak Hospital in order to undergo another round of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

CHRR reports that Nima Ebrahimzadeh, son of incarcerated labor activist Behnam Ebrahimzadeh who is on temporary release due to his son’s condition, was diagnosed with cancer three months ago. Nima’s condition worsened as he refused to eat or drink due to the stress of his father’s imprisonment. He is now hospitalized again in the pediatric cancer facility in order to give more blood tests and undergo another round of chemotherapy and radiation treatment for his cancer.

While the extension of furlough was first denied for Behnam Ebrahimzadeh who was ordered to present himself at Evin prison on April 20th, his cancer stricken son Nima was hospitalized, stricken with thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count). When Nima’s medical documents were presented to the prosecutor’s office, the labor activist was given a few days extension in order to be by his son’s side at the hospital.

Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, member of Committee to Pursue Establishment of Labor Unions and Association to Defend Child Laborers, was arrested by agents of the Intelligence Ministry on June 12, 2010. Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court handed down a 20-year prison sentence, which was later commuted by the appellate court to 5 years in prison.

CHRR   Behnam Ebrahimzadeh’s son hospitalized again

Nima Ebrahimzadeh

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