Release of journalist and writer, Mohammad Kimiayi

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Mohammad Kimiayi, journalist and writer who had been detained by agents from the Qazvin Ministry of Intelligence, was granted temporary release on 100 million tomans bail until his court date.

On Tuesday January 1st, several agents from the Ministry of Intelligence violently raided the residence of Mr. Kimiayi and detained the journalist. After conducting a search of his home, a multitude of his personal items were confiscated including cartons of books along with documents. Mohammad Kimiayi was held in solitary confinement at the Qazivn Ministry of Intelligence detention center and was later transferred to Qazvin Chopinder prison.

A large number of journalists and activists have been arrested and interrogated by Qazvin Security agents during the past month. On December 25, 2012, Security agents raided the offices of the weekly publication “Hadith-e Qazvin” and detained all the staff that was present along with the magazine’s editor, Rahim Sarkar. The staff was released after several hours of interrogations. Rahim Sarkar was detained and released from prison last week.

Reporters Without Borders published a report last week titled, “The True Face of the Islamic Republic: Bullying, taking families hostage and threats against journalists.” The report pointed to the harassment, threats and arrest of a number of bloggers and journalists in various cities including Tehran, Yoshahr, Karaj and Qazvin.

Release of journalist and writer, Mohammad Kimiayi

Mohammad Kimiyayi

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