Medical Furlough for Reza Shahabi extended

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Trade Unionist and political prisoner Reza Shahabi who was on a 5-day furlough from prison for medical care, was granted a 5-day extension from Sunday January 13, 2013.

CHRR reports that political prisoner Reza Shahabi has been under the care of medical specialists the past days while on temporary leave from prison and the physicians in charge have stated it is imperative that he remains under their care. Shahabi had been due to return to custody on January 13, 2013, but per the recommendations, the judiciary agreed to grant a 5-day extension.

Reza Shahabi, Treasurer of the Union of Workers of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (Sherkat-e Vahed), had been on hunger strike in Evin prison in protest of being barred from receiving needed medical treatment. Five other political prisoners had also begun a hunger strike in his support when without warning on Monday January 6, temporary medical leave was granted and Shahabi was released for 5 days. At that time over a week had passed since the bail money for medical furlough had been paid. Yet prison officials kept Shahabi who was on hunger strike and refusing medication, behind bars with the excuse of administrative issues. When he was finally released for medical care, Shahabi had undergone 23 days of hunger strike while refusing medication, and he had lost 15 kilos.

Medical Furlough for Reza Shahabi extended 

Reza Shahabi

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