Ali Tavakoli about his brother, student activist Majid Tavakoli

Ali Tavakoli:
(posted on facebook wall 12/14/12)My mother called me at my workplace, she was so happy and said, “Ali, Majid called a few minutes ago and spoke to your father and I.”She was happier than when we were told Majid would be released on bail (because despite the fact that our family did not believe they would release Majid as promised, we produced the bail money with the help of friends).

My mother says, “Just hearing Majid’s voice is enough for me.”

: علی توکلی
مادرم زنگ زد به محل کارم خیلی خوشحال بود،گفت : علی مجید زنگ زد و چند دقیقه با من و پدرت صحبت کرد . این خوشحالی از زمانی که گفتند وثیقه بگذارید هم بیشتر بود (چون کل خانواده باور نداشتیم به مجید مرخصی بدهند هرچند با کمک چند تن از دوستان وثیقه را هم تهیه کردیم) مادرم می گوید همینه که صدای مجید را بشنم برایم کافی است

Majid Tavakoli and mom

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