Saeed Haeri transferred behind bars to serve his 2-year prison sentence

Committee of Human Rights Reporters –  Former member of CHRR and leftist activist Saeed Haeri was transferred to Evin prison this morning to serve his 2-year prison sentence.

Saeed Haeri was detained by agents of the Intelligence Ministry on December 20, 2009, along with other members of Committee of Human Rights Reporters, Kouhyar Goudarzi and Shiva Nazarahari. They were with a group on their way to Qom to participate in the burial ceremony of the late Ayatollah Montazeri. Saeed Haeri was released on 100 million toman bail after enduring 80 days in confinement.

In September 2010 Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Pir Abassi sentenced this human rights activist to 2 years and 6 months in prison and 74 lashes on charges of “disturbing public order” and “illegal assembly and collusion.” The court of appeals later reduced the sentence to a 2-year prison term.

After receiving 4 successive summons to appear at Evin prison and letters sent to the bail guarantor, Saeed Haeri presented himself at Evin this morning to begin serving his 2-year sentence behind bars.

Student activist Saeed Haeri is a philosophy student at Islamic Azad University North Tehran Branch. As editor of the university’s Philosophical Society, he has written numerous articles about labor, student, and children’s rights. During the election year of 2009 and the aftermath of the disputed election results, Haeri worked as a member of the Committee of Civil Rights for Mehdi Karroubi’s campaign.

There are now 4 present and former members of CHRR spending prison terms behind bars; ShivaNazarahahri, Saeed Jalalifar, Navid Khanjani, and Saeed Haeri. In September 2012 the 5-year prison sentence in exile at the city of Zabol (border of Afghanistan) for Kouhyar Goudarzi, another member of CHRR, was upheld by the court of appeals.


Saeed Haeri transferred behind bars to serve his 2-year prison sentence

Saeed Haeri

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