Arrest of 2 political activists; prison and lashing sentence for an Azeri activist

Committee of Human Rights Reporters –   According to news reports, 2 political activists were recently detained in Fars and Mazandaran provinces. In other news an activist from Azerbaijan received a prison and lashing sentence.

On September 24th, agents from the Ministry of Intelligence in the city of Shiraz raided the home of political activist Shokrollah Nazari and transferred him to an unknown location. According to a report, after searching and rummaging through his home, the agents confiscated personal belongings of this Green activist including his computer, books, documents, cameras, flash drives and memory cards.

Blogger and student Mani Tavakoli of Mazandaran province was detained on the same day while he was returning home from a trip to Tehran. The arresting agents of the Ministry of Intelligence have yet to give a reason for the arrest. There is no news of the whereabouts or situation of blogger Mani Tavakoli.

At the same time the Revolutionary Court of Tabriz handed down a 3-year prison term with 74 lashes for Azeri activist Hamid Reza Ranjbar. The sentence was announced to his lawyer Farhad Yazdani. Ranjbar spent 3 months in detention last year after he was arrested along with others during protests in Azerbaijan province.


بازداشت دو فعال سیاسی و صدور حکم حبس و شلاق برای یک فعال آذری

Iran prisoner

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