Death sentence of prisoner Saeed Malekpour authorized to take place

Human Rights House of Iran – The death penalty case file for computer programmer Saeed Malekpour has been sent to the enforcement department that carries out the execution.

During the past few days the lawyers for imprisoned cyber activist Saeed Malekpour went to the Revolutionary Court and the Supreme Court to follow up on their client’s case, and learned that Saeed’s case file has been sent to the enforcement department that carries out the execution.

Human Rights House of Iran reports that Saeed’s case file was transferred for enforcement despite that fact that Saeed and his lawyer’s were never notified of his death sentence, which was imposed for the second time by the Supreme Court.

In November 2011, Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court that had already handed down the death sentence for Saeed Malekpour imposed an additional sentence of 7.5 years behind bars. After the first court session, the Supreme Court struck down the death sentence, but Judge Moghiseh reinstated the verdict a second time. Branch 32 of the Supreme Court conducted a review and upheld the ruling without any follow up on the errors and defects in the case.

Malekpour has spent a total of 11 months between solitary confinement and cells with very few people in Ward 2A of Evin prison with is controlled by the IRG (Revolutionary Guards) and is not under the supervision of the prison corps.

When he was first arrested, Saeed spent 6 months in solitary confinement where he endured severe mental duress and physical torture. To date, this engineer and web programmer has spent 3 years and 4 months behind bars.

During the past few weeks while keeping Saeed in solitary confinement, interrogating agents from the Cyber Intelligence Unit of the IRG attempted to pressure and coerce Saeed into partaking in another false televised confession, which he refused.

Saeed Malekpour, born in 1975, is an engineering graduate who received his undergraduate degree from the prestigious Sharif University. He worked in Iran at a research center and as an inspector. He was accepted to Canada’s Victoria University and had moved there for his graduate studies and was a resident of Canada before his arrest.

Saeed had lived in Canada since 2008 and while working as a developer he designed a program that would allow his clients to upload pictures. Per his lawyer and wife, this program was used in an adult content website without Saeed’s knowledge or permission. Saeed confirmed this in a letter he wrote from behind bars.

Human Rights House of Iran

Saeed Maleki

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