Imprisoned Journalist Masoud Bastani Transferred to Solitary Confinement

Human Rights House of Iran –  According to Jaras News, the prison warden came to the location where other prisoners and their families were present, and despite their presence he started to yell using vulgar profanities. Prior to this incident, Masoud Bastani had been hospitalized in Shaid Madani hospital in the city of Karaj and returned to prison in the middle of the night. Physicians had warned that Masoud had suffered a brain hemorrhage resulting from his previous beating by a guard. But when he returned to prison, the warden gave orders that Masoud be transferred to solitary confinement.

On Tuesday, Bastani was called to the prison court along with another political prisoner, Isa Saharkhiz. Mr. Saharkhiz had been present and a witness when Bastani had been attacked and beaten up by a prison guard. They had made a formal complaint about the incident. They assumed they were being taken to the prison court to get answers regarding their complaint about the brutal attack and offensive language used against Bastani. However they were the ones reprimanded and charged with “disturbing public order,” and “causing conflict and insulting the prison warden.”

Pursuant to this incident, 20 prisoners at Rajai Shahr prison have written a formal complaint about the illegal and inhumane conduct on the part of prison officials at Rajai Shahr prison. They have sent their written grievances to higher authorities and are now awaiting a reply. So far no response or acknowledgement has been given regarding this issue.

Human Rights House of Iran

Masoud Bastani

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