Pan-Iranist Party Members Hojat Kalashi and Milad Dehghan Transferred to Sepidar Prison in Ahvaz

Human Rights House of Iran –   Hojjat Kalashi and Milad Dehghan, 2 members of the Pan-Iranist Party who had been detained last week, were transferred to the Ahvaz Karoun Prison yesterday.

Pan-Iranist Party members Hojjat Kalashi and Milad Dehghan who was supposed to be released on bail today, have been transferred to Ahvaz Sepidar Prison by the judge’s orders.                                                                                                                                                                           According to the Human Rights House of Iran, the authorities raided a memorial for Ebrahim Mirani, the former head of the party, who passed away last year, and arrested Hojjat Kalashi and Milad Dehghan and transferred them to an undisclosed location.

During the burial of Ebrahim Mirani last year,  authorities raided his house and summoned and interrogated his brother Esmaeil Mirani after searching the house. Kalashi, the head of the youth branch of the Pan-Iranist Party, has a Masters in political science and had been sent to exile in Khash for his military service. He was arrested two weeks ago at Reza Kermani’s house along with Arash Keikhosravi and Shahin Zeinali.

A few months ago, he was also arrested in Isfahan along with Hossein Shahriari and Reza Kermani and indicted on the charges of acting against national security and anti-regime propaganda. He was later released on bail. Pressure is continued on the Pan-Iranist Party members. Abolfazl Abedini and Shahin Zeinali are held in Evin Prison while Reza Kermani is in the security ward of the Rajaei Shahr Prison and Hossein Shahriari is confined in  Rajai Shahr Prison.

Human Rights House of Iran

Hojat Kalashi, Milad Dehghan

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