Nasrin Sotoudeh Transferred to Prison Infirmary, Hunger Strikes Continue

Kaleme – According to reports received from Evin prison, Nasrin Sotoudeh, human rights lawyer on her a dry hunger strike was transferred to Evin’s infirmary on December 16th as a result of her rapidly deteriorating health. This is the third time Nasrin Sotoudeh has launched a hunger strike in the 100 days she has been incarcerated. Even though her physical health is dire as a result of her dwindling strength she has refused to end her hunger strike.

Reza Khandan, Sotoudeh’s husband and her two children are extremely worried for her wellbeing. To make matters worse, as a result of the Muharram holidays they have not been able to reach the judicial authorities to inquire about her condition.

According to reports received by Kaleme, Nima, Nasrin Sotoudeh’s three year old toddler continues to ask about his mother’s whereabouts and does not understand why his sister and father are so worried. Nasrin Sotoudeh’s daughter, Mehrabeh, who is only twelve years old, has been consoling her three year old brother these days.

Arash Sadeghi, a philosophy graduate student at Allameh Tabatabai University and Gholam Hossein Arashi, who had both protested last year’s election results, are two other prisoners currently on hunger strike in Evin and in dire physical condition. Arashi’s family who live in the city of Karaj are very concerned for their son’s well being and have no one to go to since government offices are closed for the Muharram holidays.

Gholam Hossein Arashi is one of the less known prisoners arrested after the rigged elections. Arashi was one of the 16 prisoners in Evin’s ward 350 who went on a two week hunger strike in the month of August protesting the unacceptable prison conditions. Arashi was arrested on February 6th last year and has endured very difficult conditions in ward 209 and ward 240 of Evin prison.

It is also reported that the physical conditions have deteriorated for imprisoned labour activist Reza Shahabi and imprisoned movie director and journalist Mohammad Nourizad, both who are also on hunger strike. Nourizad who reportedly suffered from gastric bleeding was transferred to the hospital. Reza Shahabi whose physical condition has deteriorated considerably is still on a hunger strike but is now drinking water. The officials have yet to respond to his complaints regarding the lack of attention to his case file.


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Nasrin Sotoudeh

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