Prison Guards Prohibit Mourning Ceremony for Father of Political Prisoner

Prison guards prohibited a mourning ceremony to take place in ward 2 of Gohardasht prison [Rajai Shahr] for the father of political prisoner Karimpour Samadi who passed away a week ago. The ceremony was being planned by political prisoners.

Approximately four months ago, Intelligence agents contacted Karimpour Samadi’s father by phone and told him, “We will execute your son this morning.” This caused his father to have a brain aneurysm and develop a blood clot in his brain, which led to his death. The killers who caused the sudden death of Karmipour Samadi’s father are the Intelligence agents along with the entire brutal clerical regime.

Karimpour Samadi is held in prison despite the lack of evidence against him in his file and a bail of $50 thousand [USD] set. He is now under increased physical and psychological pressures due to the failed efforts to get permission to attend his father’s funeral.

We plead with all human rights agencies inside and outside the country to make every effort on behalf of political prisoners in Iran. All the citizens in Iran and the world need to know this ruling regime is a complete dictatorship and has the blood of the people on its hands. This government does not respect or adhere to any human rights laws.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

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