Visitation ban still on for Nasrin Sotoudeh, husband reports

Human Rights House of Iran –   Desperate to get any news regarding his wife, Reza Khandan went to the visitation lounge of Evin prison yesterday in hopes of gaining permission to visit Nasrin Sotoudeh, but like previous times in the past he was rejected.

According to the Feminist School, Reza Khandan said that despite the delivery of a letter from Alireza Avaiee, the head of Tehran’s justice department, to the office of the Assistant Attorney-General, no response has been given. The letter states that based on legal rights, Nasrin Sotoudeh’s family should be granted visitation, especially after 40 days of her incarceration. Reza Khandan explained, “Despite the letter by Mr. Avaiee, today, when I went again to the visiting lounge and requested to see my spouse, I was told that she is not permitted to have any visitors. Normally on Thursdays the family members of the ward 209 [prisoners] are allowed to meet with their loved ones, so I made another attempt to see her hoping that perhaps Mr. Avaiee’s letter that mentioned her legal rights had some effect, but, unfortunately, nothing has changed.”

Reza Khandan expressed his feelings of distress and worry over his wife’s situation and objected to the illegal action of banning her family from visits. He said, “Isn’t her file now complete and the investigation over, then why is she not allowed one phone call or one visitation? We don’t even know if she is in good health.” A hunger strike that is nearing a month is no joke. Right now I really don’t know what grim situation my wife is under or what the fate of my children will be.” Nasrin Sotoudeh is held  in ward 209 of Evin prison since September 4, 2010 and launched a hunger strike on September 25th. During this period, there was no news on her aside from a three second phone call she made to announce her hunger strike.

Human Rights House of Iran 

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Nasrin Sotoudeh

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