Pressures and Inhuman Restrictions against Political Prisoners in Ward 350

According to reports by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, unbearable pressures and restrictions are taking place against prisoners in ward 350 of Evin prison.

Since the night of June 20th, prisoners are not allowed to call their families. The only phone calls made now have to be for specific reasons and made only under strict guidelines and under the supervision of officials.

One of the cells in ward 350 that was once for political prisoners now holds regular criminals. Consequently, there are now fewer cells for political prisoners. The number of political prisoners in each cell has multiplied. Presently, there are 30 to 36 political prisoners in each cell and one third of them have to sleep on the ground. Despite the intense summer heat, the cells are very chilly and overcrowding has caused political prisoners to live in unbearable conditions.

It was recently announced that 50 prisoners arrested on June 12th who were detained in torture areas of wards 209 and 240 will now be transferred to ward 350.

The difficult conditions in prison take place even though prisoners already suffer from a poor diet. They are not provided with basic proteins needed to sustain their bodies. Due to the low quality food, which is mostly not edible, prisoners are forced to purchase food from the prison store and attempt to cook it. Albeit, they are not given any of the necessities for cooking and, in many cases, officials have taken away the prisoners’ ability to use stoves. Thus, prisoners are not even able to cook the most basic foods. Despite complaints by many prisoners, no changes have been made to the dire situation.

Prisoners have no access to hot water. They are forced to take cold showers. As a result, many prisoners are very sick.

The library in ward 350 has been closed down. The library was created because of the hard efforts of older political prisoners, namely Ali Saremi. The books are mostly donations by previous political prisoners.

The security officials are torturers who subject political prisoners to unbearable pressures and inhumane treatment. Two of the known torturers of Evin prison are Sedaghat Nejad, head of the prison, and Mostafa Bozorgnia, head of ward 350. These two individuals are committing crimes against humanity.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran denounce these grim and intolerable living conditions of political prisoners. HRDAI asks the head of the UN Human Rights Commission and other international agencies to create files regarding the crimes committed by the regime. HRDAI asks the United Nations to review the files and make decisions on how to handle this situation.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

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