Majid Tavakoli’s health deteriorating in Evin prison

One of Majid Tavakoli’s prison mates contacted his family today and informed them of Tavakoli’s dire physical condition. According to those close to Tavakoli, he is now suffering from abdominal bleeding resulting from severe coughs.  Despite the concerns raised by Tavakoli’s prison mates, prison officials have yet to transfer him to the infirmary at Evin prison.  Tavakoli’s physical condition has deteriorated to the extent that he is no longer able to speak on the phone.  After days of no news, although he contacted his mother briefly today, he was unable to speak to her for long due to his incessant coughing.

According to Daneshjoo News, Majid Tavakoli a renowned Iranian student activist who was transferred to Evin’s ward 350 in the later part of June, is suffering from a rapidly deteriorating health but prison officials have ignored the situation.

Tavakoli was previously transferred to solitary confinement and  subjected to extreme physical pressure by prison officials and Intelligent Ministry agents as a result of  letters he wrote criticizing prison conditions. It has also been reported that during this time, his life was even threatened.  Tavakoli’s health began deteriorating while he was on a dry hunger strike in solitary confinement. In the past few days, his physical condition has rapidly  worsonned.

Human Rights House of Iran

Majid Tavakoli

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