Koohyar Goudarzi Taken to Prison Clinic Following Hunger Strike

Human Rights House of Iran – Rights activist, Koohyar Goudarzi, was taken to Evin’s clinic, after his condition deteriorated as a result of a hunger strike.

Kouhyar Goudarzi was taken to Evin’s clinic, after his condition deteriorated as a result of his ongoing hunger strike. Goudrzi, who had recently been moved back to solitary confinement, is being administered fluids intravenously.

Talking to a RAHANA reporter, Goudarzi’s mother said, “Today I went to the prison to visit with him, but was told by the officials that he was not allowed to receive prison visits while he was in solitary confinement.”
According to Goudarzi’s mother, he has not contacted his family in 15 days, and there is no information about his condition.

Ms Mokhtareh went on to say, “On my way back, someone called me from Evin to say that Koohyar was taken to the prison clinic after he lost consciousness as a result of hunger strike.”
Ms Mokhtareh said that in a letter she has asked the Tehran Prosecutor’s office to authorize prison visits for her son, but has yet to receive any answer.

Criticizing the way intelligence agents treat the prisoners in Evin, Ms Mokhtareh said, “What crime have our children committed that they now have to go on hunger strike in prison? We did not raise our children to be taken and incarcerated  hungry and thirsty in Evin’s solitary cells.” Kouhyar Goudarzi, a member of the CHRR, was moved back to solitary confinement at ward 240 on May 20, after he protested the actions of the ward 350 head.

Majid Tavakoli and Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki are 2 other prisoners who are on the 5th day of their hunger strike in Evin’s solitary cells.


Hossein Ronaghi

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