Fire at Azad University Results in One Student Death

On Sunday May 23, 2010, a fire broke out at Azad University Mahshar (in the province of Khuzestan) after students set fire to a holy defense exhibition of the Iran-Iraq war.  According to Fars News, the incident resulted in the death of computer science major student Gholamreza Ghanbari. Due to a disability, he was not able to escape the fire.  Four people were hospitalized with burns, but they were later released.

Azad University of Mahshahr students began to gather at 10:00am to protest Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s arrival to Khorramshahr, Khuzestan. Around 12:00pm, the university was shut down for the day. Students were gathered in protest and chanted slogans until 5:00pm. The dean of the university attempted to quiet the students and intervene, but he soon ran away from the scene after a bottle was thrown at him.

In the video, a young woman is heard asking the person videotaping, “Is there anyone inside?” The person videotaping responds, “I’m not sure, but I heard that one person is still in the fire.”

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